What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping

With 1.8 billion people shopping online worldwide, it is no wonder that retailers do their best to keep their customers happy. However, they have not forgotten themselves and continue to encourage us to splurge on things we sometimes do not even need. And the ingenious technique and knowledge of human psychology help retailers do it successfully.

Craft Side has analyzed the marketing tricks used by most online stores and created a list of items to look for to make the most of your money when shopping online.

1. Order delivery instead of picking up your order at the store.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Sometimes it is more convenient to place your order in the store instead of waiting for delivery. For retailers, this is an excellent way to increase their sales. There is a great possibility for a customer to pick up more products when they are already in the store.

These may be some additional goods that you really need, such as a screen protector for your smartphone, or retail partners can attract you to buy completely different products.

One of the largest retailers said that the way to earn more revenue is when customers place their own orders: on average, they sell products that cost between $ 20 and $ 25, in addition to ordering online. Delivery is obviously the cheapest option.

2. Read opinions, but don’t trust public opinion completely.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Retailers collect statistics and information about their customers’ purchases and can display them on their websites in real-time. For example, some online stores show how many people have already purchased this exact product and how many have it in their cart and are ready to buy it.

While this can provide the customer with the guarantee that the product is really of good quality, it can also make him doubt his own decisions and contribute to an impulse purchase.

Customers cannot verify and see if these statistics are true and sometimes fall under social influence. Analyzes can provide a great understanding of the actual characteristics of the products, but be sure to listen to your instinct and choose what is best for you.

3. Ignore a false sense of urgency.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Many retailers pressure their customers to create the illusion that they will lose a unique deal if they do not buy a product immediately. They are encouraged to make a purchase; otherwise, the discount will expire and you will never receive such a great offer again. And emotional phrases like “Order now before it’s too late” or “Only three left in stock” help you with this.

This approach creates a stressful situation for a client and causes anxiety by having him act without thinking. Many people are afraid of losing some things that are available to others. Then they act impulsively and buy things they really don’t need.

4. Check if the discount offer is really “exclusive”.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Retailers attract the attention of customers by offering special personal offers or selling high-quality exclusive products. In some cases, these transactions and promises are true and stores use these methods to increase sales, but sometimes retailers only slightly increase prices in advance and offer a discount.

Therefore, “exclusive” offers and products may only be items that retailers want to remove as quickly as possible.

If you have time, it is better to compare offers in different online stores and consider other factors that can influence the price: expiration date, delivery rate, the quantity of product you need to buy immediately to get the discount, etc.

5. Don’t fall for free shipping.

Most customers do not like to pay shipping costs and retailers know it. According to the survey, 93% of people are likely to buy more if free shipping is possible. And the total value of the purchase will be much higher.

People even value free shipping more than delivery speed: half of the respondents said they are willing to wait a week for products they already paid for if they receive free shipping.

While free shipping is an excellent option if you are really interested in buying certain things from this exact retailer, sometimes it makes you content with inferior products or encourages impulse buying, as you feel you are already saving money on Delivery

6. Double-check your cart before checking out.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Retailers understand that many customers are upset with the need to enter shipping details or credit card information every time they buy something. They try to make the payment process as easy and convenient as possible.

Some retailers offer “fast payment” where you can complete your purchases in seconds. Therefore, many customers do not pay much attention to the number of items added to the cart and end up paying for products ordered by mistake.

Quick payment makes it easy to lose some details, as you are in a hurry to complete your purchases. It is better to always check your shopping list several times and get rid of the things you added in error.

7. Resist the urge to buy more if there is a “free return” option.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Online shopping deprives customers of many advantages: they cannot touch, taste or smell the products they buy. That is why they may doubt when it comes to buying items they have not seen in real life. Retailers understand their reasons and, to compensate for the lack of product information, offer customers free returns.

And it’s worth it: customers are more likely to make a more meaningful purchase if they can return their ordered items at no additional charge. In the end, many people do not want to spend time returning their order or simply forgetting it. Therefore, it is a situation in which everyone wins for the retailer.

8. Monitor the prices.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Retailers must constantly adjust their prices to attract more customers and follow market trends. Therefore, the price of the same product may vary during the day. Online stores monitor customer activity and make decisions based on this data.

Sometimes, retailers make one product much more expensive than others, so customers have the wrong impression that the rest of the store’s products are quite compared to this one.

If you want to buy a product at a fair price, it is better to prepare in advance. Check prices and compare similar products, especially if the item is for sale, to find affordable and high-quality products.

9. Beware of additional items.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Some retailers allow you to buy certain items only if you have already ordered other more expensive products. They claim that it would not be profitable to deliver only these items. While this may be true from a commercial point of view, customers often end up paying for things they don’t really need.

Be sure to find alternatives at other online stores that do not require you to spend more or visit local stores. Sometimes it may be more profitable to pay a little more for offline items than to pay for a product you did not intend to buy.

10. Don’t pay much attention to the recommended items.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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While it may sometimes be useful to remember to buy certain products, in most cases retailers use this trick to get more money. They can suggest items related to products that are now in your cart or that match your browsing history. These items generally do not cost much and make you feel like you are updating the product you are buying.

If you want to spend less, keep your shopping list and don’t give in to the temptation to spend more than planned. If you can’t completely ignore the recommended items section, try to see it more as an ad than as a useful tool.

11. Limit the time spent shopping online.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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Science says that an average person cannot concentrate on a task without any distraction for more than 20 minutes. Therefore, the more you look for things online, the more your concentration level decreases. And retailers can easily use it to their advantage.

They offer customers hundreds of options that can take years to analyze. Then, after spending hours online, you end up tired and angry and buy things you don’t need.

Try to create a wish list that contains the exact products you want to buy. If so, you will know what you are looking for and it will be easier to find a better deal without wasting time and energy.

12. Ignore promotional emails.

What To Avoid Being Tricked Online Shopping
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After subscribing to the retailer’s email newsletter, you are likely to receive an inbox full of letters with tempting offers and offers. Even if you put an item in your cart but didn’t buy it, online stores can send you a reminder to “help” you complete your purchases.

These emails may offer you a discount, but the main objective is to take you back to the store and encourage you to buy at least something.

These emails can be useful if you are particularly interested in the items that the store sells and want to do good business. But in most cases, it’s only spam that encourages you to spend more on things you don’t need.

Have you ever fallen in love with some marketing tricks? Do you know other ways that stores make us spend more? Share your stories and experiences in the comments.




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