6 Belly Shapes That Speak Volumes About Our Health

You feel strong and you know they are there. You have been exercising and you can even feel them under your skin. But for some reason, they just don’t show up. Maybe your abs are terribly shy. Or just stubborn. Or, and bear with us here, maybe there is another explanation and something practical you can do about it.

We know that tummies can be demanding and that even the fittest can struggle with some of these issues.

Are Your Abs Just Hidden Behind Natural Body Fat?

Yes, we are starting with body fat. That greasy, creamy, genetic, hormonal stuff that has the power to make even the strongest 6-pack (or 4, or even 8, to be precise) very difficult to watch.

The abdomen is one of the last muscles to have definition and, for this, it needs little body fat around it. For women, this can be a challenge, as fat burns more slowly in the female body.

However, it is very important for women to avoid letting their body fat drop too low, as this can have undesirable effects such as increased fatigue or even irregular menstrual cycles. If you have this problem, consider talking to a nutritionist about your specific needs to achieve your goals.

Are Your Abs Just Hidden Behind Some Natural “life Happening” Stuff?

Life happens in countless ways. Some days you’re bloated from some food you’re getting used to, other days from something you might be intolerant to. Some sugars are difficult to digest, such as lactose, and some people simply have aerophagia and swallow too much air, which can cause bloating.

A distended belly, for one of the reasons mentioned above, can be compared to a pregnant belly. And it doesn’t have to be a big 3-month pregnant belly. Early pregnancy can actually cause bloating due to hormones, just like the menstrual cycle. So knowing what’s going on and whether you can prevent or control it is the first step.

Are Your Abs Just Hidden Because Of Some Hormonal Cause?

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Hormones, especially when it comes to the female body, are extremely relevant. And they fluctuate through changes in lifestyle, such as adulthood, stress levels, or menopause. The hormonal belly is lower abdominal weight. It can manifest itself suddenly due to an imbalance, and it is very important to see a doctor if this happens.

A stressed belly is a way of describing how your body reacts to stress. Prolonged stress can keep stress hormone levels high, and some are strongly linked to abdominal obesity. Taking “me time,” meditating, and socializing are good ways to relax, as are 8 hours of sleep and moderate exercise.

Are your abs just hidden because of your personal “morph” shape?

Mesomorphs, ectomorphs, and endomorphs – are the names of the different body types. Each of us fits in one or is between 2 of them. Why are they relevant? Because mesomorphs can tend to be more athletic and prone to gaining muscle. But ectomorphs can have trouble gaining weight and muscle, and endomorphs can have trouble losing weight, even when they’re really fit.

Each body type will benefit from different types of exercises. Knowing your body will help you verify that you are doing the exercises that are right for you. Endomorphs may benefit more from cardio, ectomorphs may benefit from endurance and muscle building. Your body, your needs.

Are Your Abs Just Hidden Behind A Regular Less Healthy Position?

Marilyn Monroe may have understood something when she said, “So keep your head up, keep your chin up…” Hunching over, letting your shoulders go, slouching in chairs, or standing up straight with your body projecting forward are some examples of not-so-belly-healthy habits.

These postures can not only negatively influence our mood but also cause our stomach to bulge in a totally unnatural way.

There are many exercises that can help, but if you can be mindful of this and try to sit properly, stretch regularly and take walking breaks, you will likely notice a difference. And not only visually. When you keep your pelvic area in the correct position, you will also help prevent pain and tension throughout your body.

Did you find a description of your belly here? And did any of them surprise you? Which one of them?


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