5 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong When Bathing

Our skin is home to around 1.5 trillion microbes. But not all of them are bad for us, some are even important for our health. That is why we do not need to wash some parts of our body with soap and, for others, we should not ignore them and we need to wash them well every day.

We realize how important it is to pay proper attention to certain parts of our body. That is why we have discovered some tips on how to treat them correctly.


5 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong When Bathing

The feet are one of the parts of the body that must be washed with soap. However, many of us neglect this part, thinking that it will be cleaned only with the soap and water that runs through our body.

But in these areas, the fungus that causes athlete’s foot is common, especially if you wear sandals or flip-flops, don’t wear socks, or just sweat vigorously.

That is why, according to a dermatologist, it is important not only to wash your feet with soap but also to rub them with a pumice stone daily.

The space between your toes should also be very clean, no matter what type of shoes or socks you wear. To prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, you need to wash your toes with soap and water and dry them well with a towel.

Back Of The Neck

5 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong When Bathing

This part of the body can get hot and humid, especially if you have long hair or exercise regularly. Favorable conditions like these can be attractive to mites and bacteria in the body.

That’s why washing the nape daily with soap and an exfoliating bath sponge or damp washcloth can be crucial in preventing the spread of bacteria.


5 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong When Bathing

Washing your eyes with soap is not a good idea because it can damage the cornea and sclera of the eyes. But that is why the eyes have lacrimal glands (the glands that produce tears), which are responsible for cleaning and protecting them from debris and other irritants.

A safe way to clean your eyelids and eyelashes is by using unscented baby shampoo. Mix about half a teaspoon of shampoo in a glass of warm water and dip a soft towel into the mixture. Gently rub the eyelids (back and forth) with the towel and then rinse them with water.


5 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong When Bathing

According to a dermatologist, the groin should be thoroughly washed every day. This part of the body has folds and wrinkles that can harbor harmful bacteria that can cause ingrown hairs, infections, and strange odors.

The groin is also one of the most sensitive areas of the body and the most effective way to clean it is with mild soap and a towel.

Under the Fingernails

5 Body Parts You Might Be Washing Wrong When Bathing

Different bacteria can colonize the area under your nails, and you won’t be able to remove them just by washing your hands.

According to doctors, soaking a cotton swab in warm soapy water and rubbing it under your nails will remove bacteria and debris that are invisible to the naked eye.

Which of these body parts did you wash the wrong way?


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