5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss

How much you sleep can be just as important as exercise and what you eat. If you don’t get the sleep your body needs, your brain will look for energy elsewhere, like foods high in calories and sugars.

There are 2 hormones that control appetite, one of which is known as the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and the other as the satiety hormone (leptin). These 2 friends are there to balance your cravings, but lack of sleep throws them out of balance.

We offer a few reasons why sleep is important for fat loss and what to do to help you along that path.

Why Sleep Is So Important For Losing Weight

A Lack Of Sleep May Increase The Appetite And Better The Chance Of Becoming Obese

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss
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Hormones play an important role in appetite and sleep regulation, so when you sleep less, your hormones are altered. This, in turn, may make you want to eat high-calorie foods, even if you ate a meal 1 hour ago.

What to do:

Sleep in a dark room: When you are exposed to light, there is a greater chance that it will be more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep and an increased risk of obesity.

Take it easy, don’t get too stressed; it can lead to sleep problems and weight gain. Go to bed early: When you go to bed late, you eat more calories.

Sleeping Early Prevents Late-night Snacks

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss
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Snacking late at night keeps our metabolism going when it should be relaxed, causing our calorie intake to be stored as fat. It may not help us get a good night’s sleep either. However, eating a low-calorie snack may not do any harm.

What to do:

Dinner 2 hours before bedtime. Eat enough during the day to block your cravings at night. If you really feel hungry after dinner, don’t eat sugary foods. Instead, have some fruit, low-fat yogurt, or carrots.

Sleeping Can Enhance Physical Activity

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss
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To get energy for exercise, you must be fully rested, and when you rest, your body develops growth hormone, which causes the muscles in your body to grow.

Growth hormone is usually activated during sleep, and if you are sleep deprived, it will be suppressed, resulting in a lower chance of burning fat.

It is also very dangerous to exercise when we are tired, especially when lifting weights. In the event of an injury, growth hormone helps speed up the healing process, so it is important to get full rest.

Sleep Can Decrease The Desire For Sugar

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss
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It may not surprise you if you are hungry for sweets after a long day at work. Insomnia and food cravings are indeed enemies because lack of sleep contributes to the imbalance of appetite-regulating hormones that lead to weight gain.

What to do:

Sleeping for energy instead of eating sugar for energy. Add 1 hour to your regular sleep schedule, as this can help you make healthier food choices.

Sleeping Longer May Help You To Avoid Weight Gain

5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Important for Fat Loss
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Sleeping for a short period of time, such as 6 to 7 hours a night, is linked to weight gain. More specifically, it can result in a wider waistline and more belly fat. This occurs not only in adults but also in children, especially in middle childhood (6-8 years).

What to do:

Sleep 7 to 9 hours a night.

How many hours of sleep do you have at night? What changes do you want to make to lose weight?

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