What Might Happen If You Drink 2 Cups of Coffee a Day

While some people can’t drink caffeine without feeling jittery, many people can’t go a day without their favorite cup of joe. While drinking too much coffee can have some unpleasant side effects, the right amount of coffee can do wonders for your health. Medical experts believe that 2-3 cups a day is the perfect amount that will give you the most health benefits.

We can’t imagine a day without our morning espresso and delicious cappuccino at lunch. That’s why we decided to find out how it can affect our health.

Is it OK to have 2 cups of coffee a day?

It is good for the kidneys.

In addition to waking you up in the morning, coffee can help you prevent a number of kidney-related conditions. Studies have shown that drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day can help reduce the risk of acute kidney injury when the kidneys suddenly lose all or part of their function.

Researchers believe that certain bioactive compounds in coffee improve oxygen utilization in the kidneys, helping them to work more efficiently.

It can benefit your heart.

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While coffee can speed up your heart rate, drinking it in moderation can reduce your risk of stroke. Enjoying 1 to 2 cups of black coffee every day is beneficial for cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of heart failure.

But make sure your cup of coffee contains caffeine; in fact, going decaf can have some nasty health consequences.

You can add years to your life.

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While drinking too much coffee can have some pretty dangerous side effects, the right amount can work the other way. This is because drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day can keep your heart healthy, so it can actually help you live longer.

It can make your skin glow.

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Following a skincare routine and using the right products can help you achieve a flawless complexion, and drinking coffee can be a habit your skin will thank you for.

This is due to the fact that coffee is rich in antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory compounds, so it can protect your skin from damaging free radicals and help keep your skin young and glowing for longer.

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? What is the most amount of coffee you have had in one day?

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