6 Things A Man Will Never Confess To A Woman And Why

They say that every woman has a mystery. But what about men? They also have secrets that we girls can’t even guess. We have compiled a list of 6 things no man will ever tell you.

The fact is that men perceive women as themselves. This is why a man prefers to choose a charismatic but overly curvy girl over a supermodel with confidence issues. It’s hard to believe, but self-confidence makes a woman so much more physically attractive.

Men are not interested in whether their loved ones dress elegantly or not. Everyone wants to see the woman they love with a “smart and sexy” style, where her image is elegant and sexy but devoid of vulgarity. Remember that men love with their eyes.

“Being a man” in the eyes of a woman is very important to them. That is why men take any job, even if they are not sure of being successful. They must be strong and smart in front of their lady, whether or not they have a clue of how to fix a hairdryer.

Women love asking questions like “Am I fat?” making a sad face but keeping a fiery look. Words cannot express how men hate answering them. If a dress makes a girl look bigger, the boy will notice it, but will still respond with a compliment, thinking that she is asking for it.

Men always compete, and that is no secret. By drinking in a bar, they compare themselves to their friends and hate accepting failure. A man just can’t tell his girlfriend that he doesn’t have the money to buy something.

It is not men who openly express their feelings, and when one of them sees his girlfriend flirting with another boy, he does not reveal a single emotion. Trust us though, the inside is filled with a lot of them.

We have only mentioned a few things that our men are afraid to say out loud, but it is enough to understand that their hearts need love just as much as ours.


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