6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

One study in the US showed that we lied 11 times a week, while another revealed that 60% of people lie during a 10-minute conversation. It turns out that lying on the phone is much easier than doing it face to face.

But on the other hand, emails seem to be the most honest form of communication, where people lie the least. We have put together six of the most deceptive methods a liar will use to try to cover up a text.

They Are Trying To Change The Subject

6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

A liar will try to change the topic of your discussion and focus on a completely different one. They may even pretend to be hurt by your suggestion that they are lying.

This is called external distraction, and while concentrating on it, a liar may accuse the other person of lying about something.

They can even try every possible method to avoid answering the initial question that put them under the microscope.

They Compliment You After Giving You A Quick Answer

6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

Flattery is a method of manipulation that many people practice in their professional and personal lives. A liar can use it to control the conversation and steer it in a new direction.

And it tends to be successful simply because we all like to hear good things about ourselves. The manipulator/liar knows us quite well and can deal with our insecurities when it suits them.

They’re Being Vague

6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

When someone isn’t afraid, to tell the truth, they remember the easy-to-remember details that support their story. A liar, on the other hand, will try to keep things vague by hiding information.

They do not want to give specific details that can easily be shown to be lies. As they tell half the story, they feel confident that they did not necessarily lie, but only told half the truth.

They Claim That They’re Honest And That They “never Lie.”

6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

In their efforts to convince, liars exaggerate their honesty. Expressions like “to be honest”, “believe me” and “to tell the truth” are used very frequently.

If a person is being truthful, they won’t need to repeat again and again how honest they are. By resorting to this trick, they are obviously trying to hide the truth from you by overstating its veracity.

They Create Complex And Extremely Detailed Stories

6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

Someone talented enough to create such detailed and colorful stories can be a pathological liar. Their stories are generally very compelling, although sometimes complicated and dramatic.

The little details make their stories seem true, and they may even believe they’re own made-up stories.

This makes it very difficult for you to deal with them, as they are not even fully aware that they are lying, but believe that they are telling the truth.

They Jump Between The Past And Present Tense

6 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

When a person is making up a story entirely, they are likely to screw up your text. You may notice that they jump from the past to the present and vice versa.

This is because their brain is so busy making up a false story that it forgets how to form a grammatically correct sentence.

Unless someone does this regularly, if you suddenly notice such a change, you must suspect that you are lying.

Have you ever caught someone lying according to the methods mentioned above? And if so, how did they react when you faced them?


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