6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You

Trust is a very complicated thing. It takes our brain less than 1 second to decide whether we can believe in someone or not, but if its decisions were correct, there would be no divorce, broken friendships, or cheating.

This is why people tend to be suspicious and not trust anyone they meet immediately. But if you want to score points with someone, there are some proven methods to do it.

We analyzed tons of information and picked out the most interesting tips that can make anyone believe what you say.

6. Show That You Like Them

6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You
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Have you heard of the phenomenon of “reciprocity of liking”? It refers to the tendency of people to like those who like them.

This is because people feel the warmth and support of their partners, and it is also gratifying to know that you are nice.

So if you ever need to get someone’s attention, show a positive attitude towards that person and you will probably receive the same amount of love.

5. Spill Your Coffee

6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You
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This advice may seem strange. Why do we have to spoil the first impression by making a clumsy mistake? But many studies confirm that pointing out our vulnerability actually increases our attractiveness and reliability.

But there are 2 important facts to remember. Before you tell a bad joke or drop a pencil, you want to make sure the person is aware of your high performance and credibility.

And try not to become vulnerable in a way that calls into question your reputation. “Psychiatrists can build trust by spilling their coffee and saying, ‘I was never very good with my hands.’ Surgeons can’t do this. “

4. Apologize Excessively

6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You
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Another effective but often overlooked method of building trust is to say, “I’m sorry!” The researchers note that this works for situations where you are obviously not at fault.

For example, when you say, “I’m sorry for the rain,” you express empathy and are sorry that something sad happened to people.

You show that you understand their experience and that greatly increases their faith in you.

3. Act Like A Monkey

6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You
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No, that doesn’t mean you have to eat a lot of bananas or jump into trees. It involves mimicking your partner’s facial expressions, gestures, speech patterns, or behavior. This technique is called mirroring and it really works.

For example, over the course of this study, waitresses received higher tips by imitating customers at the restaurant.

More research has shown that men rate women more favorably on speed dating if women repeat the verbal and non-verbal behavior of their encounters.

If you are going to use this method, remember to reflect only the positive patterns. It is better not to repeat actions such as looking or turning away.

2. Tell a Secret

6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You
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Self-disclosure is probably one of the most impressive approaches. Do you remember how you felt when you spoke about important things in your life, with enthusiasm, a shaking voice, and chills down your spine?

When you share intimate information with others, they sense your concerns and reach out to you. This means that they can also trust you with some of their secrets.

And this is also a science-based fact. Research carried out by various educational institutions showed that students who asked themselves private questions developed closer relationships compared to groups that did not share any intimate information.

1. Speak At The Speed Of Trust

6 Psychological Tricks to Make People Instantly Like You
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Some experts confirm that the correct speed of your speech can help build confidence and not lose your partner’s attention.

We think it would be wrong to say that you should choose a voice speed and follow it at all times. It seems that each situation needs its own rhythm.

For example, speaking fast indicates urgency, enthusiasm, excitement, and passion, while a slow pace helps focus on the importance, the seriousness of a point, or the introduction of a new idea.

Do you have trouble getting along with people? Which technique would you try first?


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