8 Voice Features That Will Help You Read Anyone Like an Open Book

A person’s image is made up of both their voice and their appearance. Our speech is the mirror of our mind and, of course, our state of mind. We decided to find out how the way we speak reflects who we are and how others perceive us.

We all know these people with “cartoon” voices. Someone who talks like this may think they’re cute, but listeners often perceive this person as a hypocrite, wanting to be loved and even passively aggressive. You might also think they want something from you.

Such a manner causes discomfort, and listeners try to end the talk as soon as possible.

A voice of steel is usually a characteristic of people whose work is related to giving orders (teachers, executives, military officers). They are used to talking like that. Sometimes, however, it is an attribute of people who love to give orders.

There are several reasons why people may speak quietly:

  • They’re insecure and feel a bit lost in a group.
  • Parents used to shush them in childhood, and they have retained the directive that them speaking loudly may cause someone trouble.
  • They’re tired of life or have a lack of energy.

People often don’t understand who has a low voice and literally just can’t hear them. And that is annoying.

It may seem that a strong voice is a sign of self-confidence, and that is exactly what its owners would like it to think. Behind this voice, there is often hidden insecurity and a fear of not being heard.

There is also a theory that loud voices grew up in large families, where it was important that they be heard rather than their siblings.

Here are several reasons why a person may speak slowly:

The person weighs each word so as not to be mistaken. These people are too deliberate, but they are sincere. They are arrogant and want to draw attention to their words, regardless of the fact that their opponent is literally falling asleep.

Sometimes slow speech is a sign of depression, sadness, or fatigue.

Fast talkers are often angry or optimistic and react to everything as fast as they speak.

A person can also be insecure and think that no one is listening to them, trying to finish their thoughts sooner. As with loudspeakers, these people may have grown up in large families, trying to say everything before their siblings interrupt.
A person may be angry or stressed.

A resonant voice is an attribute of youth. The owners of these voices are often unhappy in their careers because the way they speak makes their bosses think they are too immature to be promoted.

In addition to genetics, high tone can be a temporary consequence of an emotional disorder.

The male baritone is very attractive to women, and women with a low voice are also very attractive. That timbre is really nice, and it also adds authority and maturity.

Some people may consciously lower their voices to make themselves more attractive.

However, Demosthenes began to work on his pronunciation and ended up going down in history as a brilliant orator and politician.

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