10 Easy solutions to common beauty problems

Common beauty problems: Almost everyone has seen a beauty blog these days. Only in the US, more than 50% of women occasionally watch beauty blogs and 34% follow tutorial tips and YouTube video blogs. With this amount of information easily accessible, it seems that there is almost nothing left to surprise us. But the list below will provide unexpected information about some of the most common beauty problems.

Craft Side has compiled some useful tips to simplify your beauty routine and discuss some common beauty problems.

10. Strawberry paste to treat burns

Shaving bumps can be painful and annoying. A surprising way to reduce pain and swelling is to mix some strawberries with sour cream and apply directly to the razor for 10 to 15 minutes. The beneficial effects of strawberries are related to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and their remarkable composition of minerals and vitamin C.

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9. Baking soda and lemon to remove nail stains.

Baking soda and lemon to remove nail stains.
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Your nails may turn yellow for a variety of reasons: nail polish, smoking, liver disease, poor lifestyle and even fungal infections. While it is always important to consult a specialist and combat the internal problem, there are some surprising home remedies to improve the appearance of the nails. One of these home remedies is a mixture of lemon and soda with bleaching and exfoliating properties.

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Make a thick paste by mixing a tablespoon of soda, half a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice. With a soft brush, apply the nail mixture and remove it after 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure every 2 weeks for best results. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and is used in many skin whitening cosmetics.

8. Charcoal to whiten teeth.

Activated charcoal to whiten teeth
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It is surprising to know that something as dark as activated carbon can really help whiten teeth. All you have to do is crush an activated charcoal tablet, add some water and mix it into a paste. Carefully apply the paste and rinse after 3 minutes. You should not perform this procedure very often since coal can be very hard for your teeth.

What is even better and safer is to buy a special toothpaste that has coal as one of its ingredients.

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7. Black lentils to treat split ends

Black lentils to treat split ends
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Instead of rushing to make an appointment with your hairdresser, consider using black lentils to help you get rid of split ends. To make a hair mask, crush half a cup of black lentils, add a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and add yogurt to the mixture. Apply the mask on your hair and wash it with warm water after an hour.

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6. Aspirin as a callus remover

Aspirin as a callus remover
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Calluses can cause pain, inflammation and bad smell. Aspirin is a good remedy for corns and foot fungus since salicylic acid is its main metabolite. Crush 4 powdered tablets and mix with water and lemon juice.

Apply the paste to the calluses, cover the surface with a towel and rinse after 20 minutes. Then gently rub your feet and dry them. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

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5. Avocado to tame curly hair

Avocado to tame curly hair
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Curly hair can damage even the best appearance. Surprisingly, the avocado you buy for lunch can rescue you here. To make a mask, mash avocado with yogurt and apply it to your hair for 45 minutes twice a week.

Avocado contains vitamins useful for hair repair and nutrition, while yogurt conditions the hair. Yogurt can be substituted for mayonnaise.

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4. Potatoes to treat stretch marks

Potatoes to treat stretch marks
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Stretch marks are a common problem for women, which appear as a result of stretching the skin during pregnancy or adolescence. Potato juice contains useful vitamins and minerals, promotes the growth and restoration of skin cells and, as a result, helps brands disappear. All you have to do is rub a slice of potato against the mark for several minutes, let it dry and rinse with water.

Potato juice does not magically cure your stretch marks but makes them less visible.

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3. Spoons to remove the bags from the eyes.

Spoons to remove the bags from the eyes
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We have all heard that tea bags, cucumbers, and potato slices can help us get rid of dark circles and eye bags in the morning, but there is a way to not require any products. To tighten the skin and eliminate swelling and swelling, place cold metal spoons on the eyes for ten minutes before applying makeup.

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2. Honey to cure chapped lips

Honey to cure chapped lips
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The problem of dry and chapped lips is something we all experience. Lips may crack due to hot or cold weather, allergies and frequent breathing in the open mouth. Honey is a traditional method to combat this problem and has been used in ancient civilizations in Egypt, China, and Africa due to its moisturizing and healing properties. You can apply it raw or with a little lemon before bedtime, as a mixture of sugar for a scrub or in combination with cream and rose petals for a lip mask.

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1. Lemon with honey to treat acne.

Lemon with honey to treat acne

As expected, lemon has antibacterial properties, but did you know that you can also use it to fight acne breakouts? To increase the antiseptic properties, combine the lemon with the honey and apply this mask twice a week. You will also notice other benefits, such as wrinkle reduction and skin that looks fresh and soft.

Have you tried any of these remedies before? What information was useful, new and surprising to you? Share your opinions, impressions and beauty tips in the comments! common beauty problems. Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for BrightSide.me

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