5 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self

Even if your body build is based on your DNA (genetics) and not your personal aesthetic preference, there are still parts of your body that can convey a lot about your personality. Some studies suggest that genetics can determine many things about our future and the way we perceive the world through our genes.

We found 8 scientific studies on body parts that convey some interesting things about our personality. Some people say that appearance can be misleading, but if you know the facts, you will see that appearance can reveal a lot about a person.

Nose Shape

5 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self
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Each nose is special in its own way. However, according to a study in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery in 2013, the tissue that connects the bones and shapes the nose can convey a number of things about someone’s personality.

The researchers studied nearly 1,700 images of people’s noses and classified them into 14 types. They analyzed the shapes of the nose and published their findings.

People with long noses are very ambitious in their professional life and they are very hard-working. They tend to be perfectionists and tend to put professional life first and personal life second.

However, people with shorter noses are very sensitive and loyal people. They value feelings more than anything else and would rather be happy in their family than have a successful career.

People with a pointy nose can be excellent financial advisers because they tend to manage their money very wisely, and people with a cleft nose have commitment issues.

Big nostrils are a sign that someone likes to spend money instead of saving it, and small nostrils show a strong commitment to personal and family relationships.

Face Shape

5 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self
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The human face has a very complex structure that can tell a lot about the social and personal functions of an individual. Cesare Lombroso, the founder of criminal anthropology, argued that each type of crime can be determined by the facial structure of the perpetrator.

A study published in Plos One Journal in 2014 took 160 participants and asked them to rate the IQ of 80 students, both male and female, through their photos alone.

The study found that people with long faces are known to be highly intelligent people, while people with a narrow facial structure have an emotional quotient rather than intelligence.

The study also found that people with wide faces are more likely to be judgmental, unemotional, and highly successful.

Eye Color

5 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self
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When Shakespeare made his famous metaphorical statement “the eyes are the window to your soul,” he did not expect that, centuries later, scientists would back up his statement with factual evidence.

The study was conducted at the University of Orebro, Sweden. The scientists studied the eyes of 428 people along with their personality traits to examine whether their eyes reflected their character.

They examined the patterns in the crypts and the contractions of the lines as the pupils dilated along the curve of the iris.

Researchers say that both the personality and the structure of the eye are linked to the frontal lobe of the brain, responsible for the formation of our personality.

People with big brown eyes are born leaders and highly intelligent individuals, and people with extremely dark brown eyes are introverted, mysterious, and reserved.

People with light blue eyes and curvy irises have a lot of inner strength and tend to be very competitive, while people with dark blue eyes have a lot of physical strength and are very sensitive.

People with darker eyes are considered more introverted and mysterious, while people with lighter eyes are more outgoing and sociable.

Eye Shape

5 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self
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You can tell through someone’s eyes if they are feeling happy, sad, emotional, or angry, but what you can’t tell by looking directly at them is what their personality traits are.

For thousands of years, experts in face reading have believed that the shape of your eyes can accurately show the hidden qualities of someone’s character due to the bony structure of the skull.

Wide-eyed people tend to be more expressive and emotional in their personal lives. They are very detailed and like to be very cautious in general.

People with big eyes tend to be open-minded, intelligent, and friendly.

When someone’s eyes are small and wide, it means they are introverted perfectionists.

Deep-eyed people tend to be mysterious, observant, and intense.

Almond-shaped eyes convey passion and romance, while people with tightly closed eyes tend to be intense and persistent.


5 Body Parts That Can Say a Lot About Your Inner Self
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Our lips not only have their own unique impression, our fingers do too, but they also reveal a lot about our personality traits to those who can read them.

Author Jean Haner, a specialist in face reading, found that your lips affect your personality, the way you feel about others, and how you behave. Lips show your emotional side and how you act in your personal relationships!

People with medium lips and without exaggerated features tend to be independent in their relationships, they appreciate affection, but they do not like drama.

While people with larger lips tend to be very considerate of others and put everyone’s needs first.

People who have full lips tend to be generous and outgoing and like to satisfy the needs of their loved ones.

People with thin lips are known to be more competitive and lonely. Sometimes they prefer to be alone rather than with other people, but they also like to be recognized by their loved ones for their strong personality traits.

What do you think of these discoveries? Do you think they apply to you? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!


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