10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day

In addition to nutritional value, breastfeeding also promotes and strengthens a unique emotional bond between mother and baby, essential for the child’s mental growth. However, breastfeeding can be a challenge, even more so if you are a new mother. And it is natural to have many questions about it.

How To Hold The Baby While Breastfeeding

10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day
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Making milk is natural, but perfecting the art of breastfeeding requires some practice. Holding the baby properly is essential to help him stay on the right track, avoid nipple pain and make the experience a pleasure for both the mother and the baby. The infographic above will help you decide which position is the best.

To help new moms enjoy breastfeeding, we provide an easy guide on what tricks really work. And don’t miss the bonus section at the end to get an easy introduction on how to hold your baby while breastfeeding.

Warm Breasts Let Out More Milk

Massaging the breast with a warm damp towel or taking a warm bath before breastfeeding can result in increased milk production. It can also help prevent blocked ducts.

Lactation Cookies And Smoothies Are A Delicious Way To Boost Milk Supply

10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day
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If you do not want to follow the route of the supplement to increase milk production, there are also lactation cookies and smoothies available too.

And you can also prepare them at home using ingredients that improve breastfeeding, such as fenugreek, oatmeal, and brewer’s yeast.

Wear Jewelry To Track Feedings

10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day
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Some mothers prefer to offer one side during feeding, while others prefer to feed on both sides. So, whatever your preference, it is important to remember which breast was last fed; and this can be difficult to maintain during peak hours.

An easy trick is to place a ring on a finger in the left hand if you were last fed with the left breast and a ring on a finger in the right hand if the right breast was last fed. You can also wear a bracelet or tie.

Use Milk-savers To Catch The Leaks

10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day
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No mother would want to waste a drop of precious breast milk, and a milk protector is a device that helps you achieve it. Collect and save milk loss when breastfeeding on the other side.

Breast Milk Supplements Increase Supply

10 Breastfeeding Tips That Can Save Any Nursing Mom’s Day
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Milk supplements can be used to increase milk supply. And the good news is that they are also readily available! There are supplements that can also be enjoyed as a tea. But it is recommended that before trying them, consult a doctor.

Store The Milk In Ice Cube Trays

Freezing pumped milk in ice cube trays is an easy and economical way to store it. Once the milk is frozen in the form of cubes, you can store them in regular freezer bags.

Breast milk bags are expensive, so you can save some money. Also, a cube is about an ounce, so you know exactly how many cubes to use.

Drink Lots Of Water

Breast milk is approximately 90% water. Therefore, it is extremely important that nursing mothers drink enough water to stay healthy and hydrated. It also helps maintain and replenish the milk supply.

It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers drink approximately 12 cups of water a day.

For More Privacy During Breastfeeding In Public, Use The Double Shirt Trick

An easy way to make breastfeeding a little more private in public places is to use the double shirt method. All you have to do is wear a normal shirt under a shirt.

Make Popsicles With Your Breast Milk

Freezing breast milk extracted on popsicles is a great way to relieve the dentition of your little prince or princess. If your baby has started eating solid foods, you can even add fruits such as banana, apple, avocado or pear to the milk while it freezes.

Use Cabbage Leaves To Dry Up Milk

Although it is emotionally difficult, every mother needs to stop breastfeeding at some point. Putting a slightly crushed cabbage leaf (you can use a normal roll to crush it) on your breasts will help dry the milk. Cabbage secretes enzymes, which help in the process.

What other tricks do you have under your sleeve? Share them with the world in the comments section below.


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