6 Signs You’re Drinking Way Too Much Coffee

50% of the population of the United States drinks coffee. On average, a person drinks 3.1 cups of coffee a day and this shows that our modern world cannot live without this magical drink, it has even become a culture.

But in addition to the positive effects, there are some negative aspects that everyone should know. We love coffee, but we still don’t want to overdo it and that’s why we share some facts that may be useful for you.

Negative Effects Of Drinking Too Much Coffee

1. Problem With Your Stomach

6 Signs You're Drinking Way Too Much Coffee

Coffee actually has a laxative effect. It releases a hormone that causes your stomach to speed up activity in the colon. Drinking too much coffee can cause loose stools and even diarrhea.

In addition, coffee promotes gastroesophageal reflux. If you have a stomach problem, it is best to reduce your coffee consumption.

2. You May Feel Tired The Next Day After Drinking Coffee

6 Signs You're Drinking Way Too Much Coffee
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Yes, coffee stimulates the nervous system due to its caffeine content and also improves physical performance by 11 to 12%. But there is a bad side, Adenosine, a chemical found in coffee, first increases and then falls.

Some studies have found that after drinking too much, you may feel tired and fall asleep. Fatigue occurs immediately after alertness, but if you continue to charge throughout the day, you can escape this effect.

3. You May Have Anxiety

Caffeine increases alertness by blocking the adenosine that tires you. But if you take large doses every day, it can cause anxiety and nervousness. Coffee is a trigger for the release of adrenaline that can affect your behavior. If you are very nervous, it is a good idea to try to control your caffeine intake.

4. You’ve Started Experiencing Insomnia

6 Signs You're Drinking Way Too Much Coffee

Caffeine keeps you awake, but at the same time, it can affect your sleep. Studies have shown that high coffee intake can increase the amount of time you need to fall asleep. You literally sleep less and get more tired during the day.

#5. You Have A Rapid Heart Rate And Experience Fatigue

6 Signs You're Drinking Way Too Much Coffee
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The effect of rapid heart rate does not appear at all, but it is still quite common. It has been proven in young people who have taken high doses of coffee that caffeine can increase your pulse.

It is not recommended to drink coffee for people with blood pressure and heart problems.

#6. Your Metabolism Speeds Up And You Become Addicted

6 Signs You're Drinking Way Too Much Coffee
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Caffeine is a fat burning supplement. Studies have shown that it increases your metabolism by 3-11%. However, it is important to be careful, because some people are intolerant to coffee and the negative effects are much worse than the positive ones.

The problem is that you can become addicted to coffee and stop drinking enough water, what your body really needs.

How much coffee do you drink per day? Are you a coffee or tea person? Share your recipes on how to prepare your favorite cup of coffee with us.


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