5 Useful Elements Our Bodies Often Lack and How We Can Get Them

Due to the modern pace of life, stress, and unbalanced nutrition, we often feel the effects of a deficiency of vital microelements that we need for our body to function effectively.

That is why we have compiled a list of vitamins that people often lack, as well as a list of products that can restore them.

Today, we will tell you why we need certain vitamins and what consequences we will have if we are deficient in them.

Essential Elements In The Human Body

5. Potassium

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What it is needed for: Arterial pressure, Water balance, Work for muscle and nerve cells

What the deficiency lead to: Arrhythmia, Fragile Bones, Neurosis Depression, Renal Insufficiency

The main reasons for potassium deficiency are quite simple: unbalanced diet, constant intake of semi-finished products, and stress.

The recommended daily potassium standard is 3 g to 5 g.

Where to get it: 100 g of baked potato contains 0.5 g of potassium, 100 g of dried apricot contains 1.1 g and 100 g of spinach contains approximately 0.5 g of potassium.

4. Fiber

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What it is needed for: Healthy Microflora, Decreased sugar levels, Cleansing the body

What deficiency leads to: Diabetes, Increasing Cholesterol, Constipation

The reasons for cellulose fiber deficiency are not surprising. We are all always hurrying somewhere and eating different foods on the go.

These snacks are often simple carbohydrates, not complex ones. However, we eat many foods that contain large amounts of wheat flour and sugar.

Although they may taste very good, you must be very careful when consuming cellulose fibers because having too much of them can cause swelling.

The recommended daily standard is 21 g to 38 g.

Where to get it: 100 g of beans contain approximately 25 g of fiber, 100 g of raspberry contains 7g, and quinoa contains 5g of this element.

3. Calcium

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What it is needed for: Strong Bones, Strong Teeth, Work For the Brain, Blood Clotting

What deficiency leads to: Cavities, Heart Failure, Bone And Joint Disorders

The reasons for calcium deficiency are due to an unbalanced diet and the consumption of large amounts of caffeine, which removes calcium from the body.

The recommended daily norm is anywhere from 1 g to 1.2 g.

Where to get it: 100 g of broccoli contains 0.5 g of calcium, 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds contains 1.3 g and 1 cup of almonds contains 0.2 g of calcium.

2. Vitamin D

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What it is needed for: Assimilation of K and Mg, Strong Immune System, Increase Of Energy Capacity

What deficiency leads to: Colds, Insomnia, Bone And Joint Disorders, Hair Loss

The reasons for vitamin D deficiency are quite simple: lack of sunlight, unbalanced diet, and stress.

The recommended daily norm is 10 micrograms to 20 micrograms.

Where to get it: 100g of salmon contains 9 micrograms, while 100g of canned tuna contains 5.9 micrograms of vitamin D.

1. Iron

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What it is needed for: Hormone Production, Metabolism, Transportation Of Oxygen To Tissues

What deficiency leads to: Skin Dryness, Hair Loss, fragility Of Nails, Anemia

Very often the reason for iron deficiency is due to nutrition. Our body cannot produce this element on its own and can only obtain it from food.

In addition, we lose this element daily during the bowel movement process; women also lose it due to monthly blood loss during periods.

The recommended daily norm is 18 mg for women and 8 mg for men.

Where to get it: 100 g of oysters contains 7 mg of iron, 100 g of beef has 2.6 mg and 100 g of the chicken liver contain 17 mg of iron.

Did you notice that your body is lacking in some of these or other important elements? How do you restore them? Do you prefer to consume healthy products or ready-to-eat supplements? Let us know in the comments!


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