10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un

There isn’t a lot of information about the world’s youngest dictator. He does not speak about his personal life, and you can find very strange things in his official biography. Your only chance to meet this man is to read what very observant journalists write or to read intelligence reports from South Korea.

Crfat Sides decided to collect some interesting facts about the most unpredictable politician of modern times. Maybe he is not so scary?

Mind-Blowing Facts About North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un

10. His Date Of Birth Is Unknown

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un was born on January 8 or July 6, 1982, or maybe 1983. Or maybe 1984. Why this mystery? It is said that the leader wants to appear older and more mature, so his official date of birth is 1982. But South Korean intelligence claims that Kim Jong-un was actually born 2 years later.

Regardless, he is one of the youngest leaders in the world.

9. His Eyebrows Are Becoming Shorter

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
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In the photos taken in different years, it is clear that something strange is happening with the eyebrows of the North Korean leader: they are getting shorter.

It is believed to make them look more like their father, Kim Jong-il. Of course, it’s just a theory, and it would be even stranger for Kim Jong-un to address this issue in an official statement.

8. His Childhood Is A Mystery

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
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This man does not want to publish his childhood photographs either. However, in 2014, this photo and others were displayed on the screen during a major military holiday in North Korea.

Allegedly, they are images of the country’s leader from when he was young, but nobody knows for sure if it is really true.

7. He Chose Girls For A Local Pop Band

There is pop music in North Korea, but it is not similar to what we know. For example, instead of the long-haired musicians that pop singers often have in their bands, North Korean bands have military orchestras. In the video clips, they have to show how well North Koreans live.

One of the most famous girl bands in North Korea is “Moranbong” (we are sure you want to see the video of their concert). They say that the leader himself chose the girls for the band.

6. He Has Several Official Titles

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
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Obviously, he is “the main leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the leader of the party and of the people.”

And also:

  • “The new start”
  • “The brilliant comrade”
  • “The genius among others”
  • “Marshal of North Korea” (since 2012)

Furthermore, this man has a degree in physics from Kim Il-sung University and in economics from the HELP private University in Malaysia.

5. He Was Educated In Switzerland Under A Different Name

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
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At a prestigious school near Bern, Switzerland, there was a student from North Korea between 1998 and 2000. He was registered as a member of the embassy.

He didn’t state what his real name was. It’s hard to say if he was the future North Korean leader looking at these photos. But the people who learned with him are absolutely sure that it was Kim Jong-oneself.

They remember that he was a fun person and that he was interested in sports much more than in politics. And he was not a good student.

4. He Loves Basketball, And He Is Friends With Dennis Rodman

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
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The same school friends also claim that in his youth, Kim Jong-un used to draw basketball star Michael Jordan. And it is true that the politician loves basketball.

In 2013, he met Dennis Rodman and showed him his personal island. Despite the huge difference between these two people, they became friends. Dennis says, “Maybe he’s a psychopath, but I didn’t realize that.”

3. He Has A Hipster-like Haircut

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
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It’s fun, but there’s nothing strange about Kim Jong-un’s haircut. In fact, this is a simple military haircut. You can see this haircut in Brad Pitt on Fury and millions of hipsters around the world.

The dictator’s haircut looks strange because he uses it the wrong way. He brushes his hair strangely and looks bad from the shape of his face. They say he doesn’t trust barbers and cuts his hair himself.

2. He Doesn’t Need To Visit The Bathroom

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un

At least, that’s what the North Korean people believe. The same could be said of his father, Kim Jong-il (you can read about this in his official biography).

1. If Kim Jong-un Lost Weight, He Would Look Like This

10 Strange Facts About Kim Jong-un
© alfosn/reddit   © Polaris/East News 

Reddit user alfosn posted a photo online where he made the leader lose a few pounds. Users have noticed that Kim Jong-un looks even more terrifying after weight loss than the ever-smiling plump guy.

Which of these facts seemed strange to you? Share your impressions in the comment section below!

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