6 Reasons Why Accepting Your Body Hair Can Upgrade Your Life

Body hair is one of the taboo subjects that many prefer not to talk about. Instead, they may try to obsessively remove it using different procedures to make their appearance less visible. In all of this, they sometimes don’t realize how much physical and mental effort goes into following these exacting standards.

We decided to take another perspective on these established standards. Together with you, we want to discuss why it is totally normal to forget about waxing for a short period. And it turns out that it can be beneficial for your body and make you feel better about yourself.

Learning to Accept My Body Hair

Others Will Feel How Attractive You Are

6 Reasons Why Accepting Your Body Hair Can Upgrade Your Life

The sweat glands help us release our pheromones, while the hairs on our body help us spread our scent. Research shows that our natural body scent plays an important role in attracting the people around us.

In fact, the underarm hair helps to trap this musk, which makes the effect of the pheromones even stronger.

You Can Free Yourself From Pain

6 Reasons Why Accepting Your Body Hair Can Upgrade Your Life

Hair removal procedures, such as shavingwaxing, or sugaring, can cause pain, irritation, and red swelling, especially in people with sensitive skin. But many women continue to do so, convincing themselves that this is normal and acceptable, no matter how much physical discomfort they feel about it.

Sometimes it is necessary to stop for a moment and let your body rest for its own well-being and health.

I gradually stopped. I have very sensitive skin and for years I have tried different hair removal methods and have dealt with the ingrown hairs, rashes and cystic bumps that resulted. The armpits were particularly bad, so I stopped shaving them. A few years ago I was about to shave my legs and thought, “Who am I doing this for?” And I could not for the life of me think of a good answer to that question. Still can’t. Still hairy. © Sorxhasmyname / reddit

My armpits were always super sore after shaving so I stopped. I still shave my lower legs because the hair is so dark and thick, but it’s barely noticeable on my thighs so I let it go.  © -breadstick- / reddit

It Can Make You Feel Physically Better

6 Reasons Why Accepting Your Body Hair Can Upgrade Your Life

Body hair is important to protect the skin and reflect sunlight. It also plays a role in regulating body temperature. Air is trapped between the hair and the skin, creating a layer that helps insulate the skin from heat loss.

It Reminds You To Make Yourself A Priority.

6 Reasons Why Accepting Your Body Hair Can Upgrade Your Life

Accepting ourselves remains a great challenge for many of us. We can constantly criticize our body and feel pressured to meet the standards of beauty and behavior that the world around us follows.

Rethinking your relationship with body hair can be a solid step towards creating a positive self-image and feeling free to live life however you want.

I really feel so good. I love putting on makeup and having a very feminine outfit with the hairs on my leg and armpit. I feel more authentically beautiful and so deeply confident and sexy. © iffle / reddit

When I was in high school, I regularly shaved my legs, armpits, and private parts because I was so embarrassed by my hair. First, I stopped doing this in winter because there was no one who wanted to see my hair for a while, and after the prickly phase, I loved how everything looked! It made me love my natural body even more. © ohlookitsdd / reddit

You Make Sure You’re Surrounded By The Right People

6 Reasons Why Accepting Your Body Hair Can Upgrade Your Life

Adopting body hair can also help you find people who really care about you and accept you for who you are. They won’t force you to change for them and they won’t make you feel uncomfortable with your body. Instead, these people can help you feel accepted and empowered.

I hate razor burn or itchy skin after shaving so I just stopped. My boyfriend doesn’t care and living in the Bay Area, California, is not a big deal. I see a lot of girls with hairy armpits like me. Feeling the breeze on your leg hairs is surprisingly good compared to the momentary smoothness of the shave. © Hcat23 / reddit

It Can Help You To Overcome Issues From The Past

Even now, female body hair is considered inappropriate in different cultures. From a very young age, some girls may be forced to meet the standards and get rid of them as quickly as possible.

This can result in anxiety and low self-esteem. Recognizing and accepting your body hair can be the first step to letting go of your fears and feeling stronger mentally.

I only did this because, as a teenager, I was bullied a lot about my appearance and had low self-esteem. If there was anything I could do to blend in, I did it. After I got a little older and stopped worrying, one day I decided to stop shaving and see what happened. Nothing happened. I never shaved again. © reusablethrowaway- / reddit

What do you think of body hair? Do you agree that it is possible to stop deleting it?


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