10 Intriguing Puzzles With a Catch

Logic puzzles are a great exercise for your brain: They make your mind work harder than anything else.

We put together a few puzzles for you to try. And there is a bonus at the end for the most attentive among you.

Intriguing Puzzles

Puzzles#1: You are the pilot on the plane flying from London to Berlin with two transfers in Prague. What is the pilot’s surname?

Puzzles#2: You enter a dark room. In the room, there is a gas stove, a kerosene lamp, and a candle. You have a matchbox with a single match in your pocket. What will you light first?

Puzzles#3: A businessman bought a horse for 10 dollars and sold it for 20. He then bought the same horse for 30 dollars and sold for 40. What is the businessman’s total income from these two deals?

Puzzles#4: Who walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?

Puzzles#5: There’s a hare in the forest. It starts raining. Under what tree will the rabbit hide?

Puzzles#6: Two people are walking towards each other. Both are completely identical (let’s say, two Elvis Presley clones). Who will be the first to greet the other?

Puzzles#7: A hot air balloon is being carried by a continuous wind current in a southerly direction. What direction will the flags on its basket wave in?

Puzzles#8: You have 2 cords. When lit from 1 end, each one burns down in exactly 1 hour. However, it burns at an irregular rate. How can you measure 45 minutes using just these two cords and a lighter?

Puzzles#9: Dog = 4; Cat = 4; Donkey = 6; Fish = 0 What is the rooster equal to? Why?

Puzzles#10: Prove that I don’t live in a computer simulation. Now prove to yourself that the external world and other people exist.

Bonus: Can you find a car in 10 seconds?

10 Intriguing Puzzles With a Catch


Answer#1: Your surname.

Answer#2: The Match.

Answer#3: 20 dollars.

Answer#4: A person: with 4 legs in infancy, 2 years old as an adult, and with a stick when old.

Answer#5: Under a wet one.

Answer#6: The more polite one.

Answer#7: The hot air balloon carried by the air stream moves in exactly the same way as the surrounding air. Therefore, the flags do not wave in any direction, such as when the weather is calm.

Answer#8: You should light the first cord simultaneously at both ends. That way, you will have 30 minutes. At the same time, turn on the second cable from one end. When the first wire burns (30 minutes), also light the second wire on the other side (15 minutes remaining).

Answer#9: 14 (cock-a-doodle-doo!).

Answer#10: There is no answer per se, but you can learn a lot about the key priorities in the life of the person giving the answer.

10 Intriguing Puzzles With a Catch

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