10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight

Today it is so easy to become famous, all thanks to the Internet and social networks. Some gained fame for their unique talents, others thanks to their unique appearance.

Crfat Sides gathered the stories of 10 people who personally experienced the power of unexpected fame.

People Become Famous Overnight

Nicky Libert

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© twitter/Lil Siri‏   © Nicky Libert/facebook  

A London student posted a photo of a young worker on his social media account. She met the young man on a walk-in Amsterdam. Nicky’s beauty was widely praised by Twitter users, and that ended up bringing him a contract with the Elite modeling agency.

Baddie Winkle

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© baddiewinkle/facebook  

This grandmother won the hearts of bloggers when her great-granddaughter posted her photo on Instagram. Now she has more than 3 million followers and leads an active lifestyle: she dances and twerks continually changes her image and participates in talk shows.

Emanuele Fasano

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© baddiewinkle/facebook  

When a young Italian musician was late for the train, he discovered that there was nothing more to do than play the piano inside the train station.

Fortunately, Emanuele’s performance was noticed by a music producer, and he recorded it. This video made the talented musician very popular on social media and gave him a very lucrative contract.

Nusret Gökçe

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© facebook 

This Turkish chef became famous thanks to the videos in which he cooked meat with great passion. Now, his Instagram account has more than 9 million followers, and world-famous stars like Leonardo DiCaprio come to see his exclusive performance.

Arshad Khan

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© Ihtisham ul Haq/twitter   © Arshad Khan/facebook  

This 18-year-old tea vendor from the Islamabad market became famous overnight when a photographer posted a photo of the blue-eyed boy on his Instagram.

The photo immediately gathered thousands of likes and attracted a lot of attention. Now Arshad is hired by a major modeling agency and dreams about a career as a movie star.

Philippe Dumas

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© Philippe Dumas/facebook  

After retiring, Philippe decided to share his photos on the popular Reddit website. He asked users if he could still enter the fashion industry.

His unusual appearance was appreciated not only by users of social media but also by modeling agencies. Now he has model contracts and has finally realized his dream of becoming a model.

Mike Varshavski

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight

Mike, from New Jersey, became famous thanks to his Instagram account, where he posted photos of his daily tasks. The young man was named “the sexiest doctor in the world” by People magazine.

Despite the offers to become a model, he prefers to be a doctor. Dr. Mike is now a public person, who promotes a healthy lifestyle and supports charitable organizations.

Cindy Kimberly

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight

This girl became famous when Justin Bieber posted her photo in her feed and asked, “Oh who is this!” Your fans found the girl. She was a 17-year-old student from Costa Blanca, Spain.

In her spare time, she worked part-time as a babysitter. She now has contracts with major modeling agencies and photoshoots for fashion magazines.

Sven Otten

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight

After this young man posted this video of his fiery dance on YouTube, he was seen by over 43 million people worldwide. Now, this self-taught dancer from Germany is the face of many advertising campaigns and has a dance academy.

Jeremy Meeks

10 People Who Rose to Fame Overnight
© Jeremy Meeks/facebook   © Supporters of Jeremy Meeks/facebook  

Jeremy Meeks was sentenced in February 2015 to 2 years in federal prison for a weapons violation. After the Stockton Police Department posted his photo on Facebook, netizens called him “a handsome criminal.” When he got out of prison, he got some modeling deals and now he spends his time surrounded by celebrities.

Preview photo credit Ihtisham ul Haq/twitterArshad Khan/facebook


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