25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True

No matter how much you know, there are always things you never thought about.

The Craft side has found some interesting and unexpected facts from different spheres that will surely surprise you.

Facts That Are Very Hard to Believe

25. Cockroaches can live for weeks without a head until they die of hunger.

24. The average woman spends 17 years of her life on a diet.

23. A Japanese koi fish named Hanako lived for 226 years. It died in 1977.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True
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21. People spend more time sitting in the bathroom every week than exercising. In addition, we end up with 1.4 years in the bathroom throughout life.

20. Some mammoths still existed when the Egyptian pyramids were built.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True
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19. A bee can sting another bee. They can attack a bee from another colony if they attack. The queen bee can sting her rivals and other queens to death, even if they are developing.

18. Vending machines kill more people than sharks.

17. Brown eyes are really blue, but with a brown pigment. American biologist Gregg Homer even started a company that is developing a procedure to allow people to trade brown eyes for blue eyes.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True

16. Airplane food isn’t very tasty since our sense of smell and taste is greatly reduced during the flight due to low pressure and dryness.

15. An average four-year-old child asks almost 400 questions a day.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True
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14. Cleopatra lived closer to the first Moon landing than to the construction of the Great Pyramid.

13. If you eliminated all the empty space of the atoms that make up every human being on earth, the world population could fit into an apple.

12. Paper cuts are more painful than knife cuts for a very simple reason. The fact is, a knife makes a deep wound and causes bleeding. The blood clots and the wound heals much faster. The paper does not make deep cuts and there is no bleeding; therefore, the wound takes longer to heal and causes more pain.

11. Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.

10. Of all the people in history that have reached 65 years of age, half of them are living right now.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True
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9. The total weight of all ants on Earth is comparable to the total weight of all humans on the planet.

8. You’re more likely to become the President than you are to win the lottery.

7. If you have looked at the map during long flights, you may have noticed that the planes do not fly in a straight line. Instead, it seems that the path is curved. First, a straight line on a 2D map does not correspond to a line on a 3D globe. Second, the shape of Earth is an ellipse, flattened near the poles. Therefore, the shortest distance between the poles is not the arc of a circle. For example, if you fly from India to the USA. you will fly over Russia, England, Greenland and, yes, this is really the shortest route.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True

6. 90% of the world’s population lives in the northern hemisphere.

5. Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the “Like” button the “Awesome” button.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True
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4. Alaska is the most northern, western, and eastern state of the United States. The Aleutian Islands, which are also part of Alaska, cross the 180th meridian, which is why they are the most eastern.

3. There are some theories as to why we need to sleep. It is probably necessary for growth and development (the younger a person is, the more they sleep). Perhaps it will restore all the body’s systems and activate memory and attention. But there is no clear answer as to why we sleep.

25 Surprising Facts It’s Hard to Believe Are True
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2. The apples that we buy in supermarkets are harvested 5 to 12 months before reaching the supermarket. During the rest of the time, they are stored in special refrigerators with low oxygen levels to avoid deterioration.

1. The pits, leaves, unripe fruit, and stems of avocado are poisonous. Interestingly, they are more dangerous to animals, especially birds. Avocado is absolutely safe for humans and is very beneficial for our health.

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