5 Unhealthy Foods That Are Marketed as Healthy, Ranked


Health freaks love eating Indian cuisine, presumably due to the plethora of vegetable options available. But these are basically glorified potato chips with an added dose of insulin-boosting refined flour. (Free tip: make sure you get some dal somewhere in the meal to spice up this part.)

Fake-meat burgers:

Tip: Anything with “hamburger” in the title is a dub. Sure, they qualify as vegan but don’t sleep on the high amounts of coconut oil and sodium in the Beyond and Impossible burgers, or the fact that anything highly processed has its own nutritional downsides.

McDonald’s Caesar salad:

Iceberg lettuce has the nutritional value of a loose-leaf. Not to mention bacon bits, some shitty high-fructose corn syrup gravy, and oh yeah, more calories than a Big Mac. We’re not in love.

Subway Sandwiches:

Sandwiches always look much healthier than fatty ones. However, places like Subway remind us that you can definitely pack the worst ingredients in one hand.


Forget what the influencers are saying: This yogurt topping can be greasy and sugary as hell without a tasty payoff. Plus, you’ll have crumbs all over the damn place. It’s a big no-no for us.


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