Why You Should Ditch the Summer Body Mentality

During the beach season, many of us can begin to feel the mental pressure to do something with our body while browsing our social networks. Photos, videos, posts, and articles suggest an ideal image of a summer body, preferably slim and toned, with firm abs.

The weight stigma that accompanies hot weather can negatively affect our mental health and self-confidence, and we can feel frustrated at not having achieved that “perfect summer body” that can let us shine in bathing suits.

The truth is that “beach body” is anybody at the beach and we should all have the freedom to have fun all year round, without pressure. We took a closer look at the reasons why we should stop using phrases like “summer body,” “beach body,” or “bikini body” forever, and here they are.

Tips to Ditch The “Summer Body” Goals

We Don’t Need To Look A Certain Way To Enjoy Summer Or Any Other Time In Life

The concept of “summer body” or “beach body” is a mental trap that can impose unrealistic expectations. The idea of ​​the perfect summer look creates the illusion that we need to look a certain way to do certain things, which means we need to be slim and toned to put on a bathing suit, go to the beach, and enjoy the summer.

When this goal is not reached, it can lead to frustration, anxiety, or even eating disorders. The truth is that if you have a body and a bikini, you already have that “body bikini” and it is perfect enough to go to the beach and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

We Should Put Our Health First

Many people can use the feeling of dissatisfaction and body shame that all that “bikini body” talk gives us to offer us all kinds of diet or exercise plans, but it usually has nothing to do with health.

What we must understand is that we must take care of our body throughout the year, and our main goal should be to become healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally, but not to look better on the beach.

Realistic, Healthy Goals – Here’s what we need instead of unrealistic body shame and beauty standards.

It’s Time For Us To Change The Narrative

Experts suggest that instead of promoting the image of slim beach bodies, we should switch to positive body thinking. This means valuing your own body, enjoying dressing it, and realizing that your body is already a good body and perfect for everything, even sunbathing on the beach.

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Here are some practical things you can do to start thinking positively about your body and fight the “beach body” mentality:

Trust your body. Consider your eating habits rather than restricting your diets. Listen to your body’s food cravings and kick them in. Find an enjoyable way to exercise and maintain mindful eating, exercise, and other healthy habits throughout the year, not just before the summer.

Dress your body with love. Buy the summer wardrobe of your dreams, dress it up and drag it!

Filter your social networks. You can take a break from scrolling through the feed or unfollow accounts that promote unrealistic body patterns and encourage you to get that “summer body.” Surrounding yourself with people who have a positive body mindset is also important.

So make sure you don’t miss out on any summer fun this season because of someone else’s opinion.

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What do you think of the concept of “summer body”? Have you ever felt pressure to change something about your appearance to “look better” at the beach?

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