7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle

Weight loss is usually a slow process, so you wish there was a way to speed things up a bit. Well, go ahead and rejoice with dieters, because there are so many indirect ways to burn more calories, suppress your appetite, and improve muscle tone.

We put together some little tips and tricks to help you lose weight without a hitch and we couldn’t be happier to share them with you.

Habits That Help Lose Weight

7. Light a Candle

7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle

Imagine a vanilla-scented candle. It looks cute, right? Vanilla is famous as a flavor in ice cream and cakes, things that are hardly associated with weight loss.

But apparently, when we spend a lot of time around a tasty smell, it halts our appetite

Vanilla specifically kills the craving for sweets, especially chocolate. So filling your home with the scent of vanilla is a good way to control your cravings.

6. Eat Unpeeled Fruits and Vegetables

7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle
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There is no doubt that eating fruits and vegetables does wonder for your health. But they are even more beneficial when consumed with a peel.

The peels are full of antioxidants and fibers, which help reduce hunger and keep you feeling full longer.

The good bacteria that live in the microflora of the stomach also feed on fiber and produce fatty acids, increasing the feeling of fullness.

And as a bonus, eating peels can help prevent some nasty diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

5. Put a Mirror Where You Eat

7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle
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Watching ourselves eat dramatically affects the amount we eat, study shows. This study involved 185 students, half eating chocolate cake, and the other half a fruit salad.

The students who had to eat cake in front of the mirror had no fun, unlike the students who ate salad. Apparently, we don’t like the visual image of ourselves overeating or eating unhealthy, so we’re less likely to indulge.

4. Straighten Up

There are many good reasons to improve your posture. This makes you look slimmer and taller and also strengthens your abdominal muscles.

It can help you improve your energy levels and get rid of diet-induced fatigue.

So if you get into the habit of doing this, you will be working your abdominal muscles while sitting and standing, consistently and effortlessly!

3. Fidget

7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle
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Touching, walking, rocking, shifting, and shaking – all those extra movements throughout the day just make you expend more energy and burn more calories.

Adding a substantial amount – between 100 and 800 calories. When the researcher’s over-fed people 1,000 calories a day, those who moved resisted the weight gain much more effectively.

So, don’t think of it as a tic, but as a tiny spontaneous exercise.

2. Take Vitamin D

7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle
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Vitamin D not only helps to strengthen the immune system and strengthens bones and teeth, but it also affects body fat.

Whether it suppresses fat cell formation and storage or produces serotonin, which helps control appetite, vitamin D does the trick.

So try to find more eggs, mushrooms, and fish that are loaded with this vitamin.

1. Wear Stilettos

7 Little Habits That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss Battle
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Believe it or not, wearing high heels gives your legs and spine a full-fledged “leg-day.” Stilettos require you to maintain an upright posture (this in itself is an exercise!) And help to mold your calf muscles, improving your tone and strength.

So, the simple act of walking in these has its fair share of daily calorie burning. That being said, be mindful of the health risks that come from the constant wearing of high heels.

What are your slimming methods?


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