Men Reveal What Hair Color They Find Most Attractive and Why

One study found that the most favorite combination of men is a brunette with blue eyes. However, it is different for each person, and your hair can tell a lot about your personality, especially in the eyes of men.

Surprisingly, some of them may even look at your hair first when they decide to ask you out. We found out which hair color men like best and we want to share the reasons with you.

Men See Blondes As Adventurous

Not many men like blondes, contrary to what we might have thought. This is mainly because they think it does not look natural to them, except when it is natural hair color, which is very rare (only 2% of the world population).

Women with blonde hair are adventurous. Many different characteristics can be hidden behind hair color.

“Light colored hair tends to add more light to the rest of the package, especially in natural sunlight. After all, men are visual creatures. “

“They seem easier to talk to for me. I don’t know why, but I can get along better with blue eyes with blonde hair than with brown eyes with brown hair. “

“I think because pop stars are blonde and 99% of them are beautiful!”

“Since in most parts of the world there are far fewer blondes than non-blondes, men find blondes more attractive.”

Women With Brown Hair Are Perceived As Straightforward

Brunette, chestnut, and other shades of brown are some of the most preferred hair colors for men. Brunettes may be attracting the attention of men because they give the impression that they are not afraid to speak their minds; They are honest and true, but they also seem very natural in color.

“I invite a lot of brunettes. I’m not sure why, but maybe because they have the same hair color as me? “

“I have dated women of any hair color, but I prefer brunettes because I like darker colors; the darker the better. “

“Maybe it’s because my mom is a brunette, so I think a trustworthy woman is a brunette.”

Men Think Redheads Are Wild

Although red hair may not be as attractive to women, men love to see women with red hair and a skin tone that suits them perfectly. Natural red hair is the rarest of all, and those who dye their hair red are also generally wild, outgoing, and expressive.

“I love redheads, I have no idea why, but my mother said it’s because my first babysitter when I was 2 had red hair.”

Redheads Especially when it’s bright red, the way the sun hits it and it just shines. OH MY GOODNESS.”

“Most of the redheads I know are very sassy, ​​but it could just be me.”

Women With Black Hair Are Open-minded

Some men find women with black hair to be the most attractive. Technically, black is the absence of all colors, which sometimes makes women seem like innovative thinkers, open to new things, and capable of seeing beyond what others see.

“I’m a blonde/blue-eyed guy and I’m mostly attracted to dark-haired girls. We have a proverb in Germany that says “Opposites attract.” Well, it’s true, at least for me. “

“I love when it’s so dark blue that you think it’s black until there’s direct light shining through your hair.”

“I really like the way black hair looks on fair skin.”

Do you dye your hair? Why? What hair color do you prefer? Is hair color important to you when choosing a partner?


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