8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories

Movies based on true stories are the most spectacular. The effect increases if we talk about horror movies. We got acquainted with 8 scary stories that are not just a film director’s bright imagination.

8. The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories
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The plot: Columnist John Klein and his wife are going to buy a house. They are involved in a car accident after visiting one of the houses. Maria claims that she saw a strange creature.

The true story: the movie is based on the book by John Keel. John studied witness stories about Mothman and conducted his own research. The last time Mothman was seen was before the Silver Bridge collapse, which resulted in the death of 46 people.

7. Monster (2003)

8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories
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The plot: Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute, is beaten and raped during her encounter with a client. She kills him with a revolver that is hidden in her purse.

After this accident, Aileen starts killing all the clients she thinks are worth dying for. He follows his own rules and does not kill people who look good.

The True Story: This movie is the true story of Aileen. Wuornos was convicted and sentenced to 6 death sentences. She was executed on October 9, 2002.

6. Changeling (2008)

The plot: After the disappearance of Walter Collins (Christine’s son), the police find a boy, but the woman understands that he is not her son.

Christine is desperate and asks journalists to help her. But the city government is not interested, so the woman is considered a crazy mother.

The True Story: The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders are a series of kidnappings and murders of children in Los Angeles. Virgin lime was used to dispose of the bodies and the remains were buried on the territory of a farm. A few bodies were identified: presumably, one was the body of Walter Collins. Now you know all the horrors of this movie.

5. Shadow People (The Door) (2013)

8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories
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The plot: During a radio show, a frightened man talks about people in the shadows who come and kill people at night.

The true story: the movie is based on the phenomenon of shadows. Scientifically, it can be explained as an optical illusion. The scientists carried out an investigation: during electrical stimulation of the brain of a patient suffering from epilepsy, the patient noticed that someone was repeating her movements behind her.

And when the doctors asked her to read something on a card, she said that a ghost was trying to snatch the card from her hands.

4. The Conjuring (2013)

8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories
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The Plot: The Perrons move into a new house and discover that they are not alone there: Someone bangs on the doors, the couple feels cold, it smells rotten, and the children see strange reflections in the mirrors. They turn to Warren, an exorcist couple, for help.

The true story: In 1970, a woman bought a doll for her daughter. The girl took her to college with her. Later, the girl’s neighbor realized that the toy was living its own life. Ed and Lorraine Warren, who investigated the case, concluded that there was an evil spirit inside the doll named Annabelle.

3. Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories
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The plot: The NYPD investigates a series of unexplained crimes. One of the policemen asks an exorcist for help.

The True Story: The movie is based on the stories of Sergeant Ralph Sarchie. He worked at police station number 46 in the Bronx. He also published a book called Beware the Night. Ralph described his experience investigating some cases (including some mysterious ones).

2. Robert (2015)

8 Really Scary Horror Movies Based On True Stories
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The Plot: Paul and Jenny are about to fire their former housekeeper, Agatha, who becomes increasingly forgetful and malicious. The angry woman gives a doll named Robert to her former boss’s son. Later, after she leaves, strange things start to happen in the house.

The True Story: This doll has inspired many film directors. And it was truly endowed with retaliation for a bad attitude towards a maid. Witnesses said they saw gruesome and horrible things: the doll blinked and moved from room to room at tremendous speed.

1. The Nightmare (2015)

The plot: the filmmaker interviewed each participant of the project and recreated everything they saw in their dreams. This documentary shows 8 different people who have similar dreams where the shadow of a strange man appears.

The real story: the film studies the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. With the help of 8 people, the viewer can see what happens when someone is almost awake, but their conscience is still chained: they understand everything that is happening, but they cannot control their body.


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