8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided

Few people go to the gym or eat dinner without drinking water. However, excessive fluid intake can lead to some serious health problems.

It is always a good idea to cut down on excessive fluid intake throughout the day to deal with possible side effects. We decided to find out when drinking water can be really harmful.

8. Right Before Bed

8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided
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There are at least two reasons why you should avoid drinking water before bed:

Drinking water before bedtime can cause sleep disruption. There is a good chance that you may need to urinate more at night and it may take longer to fall asleep again.

Our kidneys work more slowly at night in comparison to the daytime. That is why you may notice some facial and limb swelling in the morning. Drinking water can increase these symptoms.

7. An Intense Workout

According to scientists, excessive water intake during exercise can have negative side effects. During intense training, a person’s body temperature increases, making them feel warm.

But drinking plenty of water to cool down during a workout can cause electrolyte depletion.

As a result, a person can suffer from:

Also, excessive liquid intake can be dangerous for people with heart disease, as it increases heart pressure.

That is why doctors recommend drinking water only after a workout.

6. If Your Urine Is Colorless

8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided
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The completely clean urine is a sign of overhydration. If you have colorless urine, you probably drink a lot of water throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty.

This over-drinking can lead to low sodium levels that result in serious health problems, including a possible heart attack.

5. To Wash Down Spicy Food

8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided
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You should never drink water after eating hot pepper since the burning sensation is caused by a molecule called capsaicin. Like capsaicin, a nonpolar molecule, it can dissolve only in other nonpolar substances, such as milk.

If you wash down hot peppers with water made up of polar molecules, this will allow capsaicin to spread through your mouth and throat and will only make the situation worse.

4. Right Before, During Or After Having A Meal

8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided
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Drinking while eating can cause indigestion. This is because our mouths produce saliva with enzymes essential for a healthy digestive process.

Drinking with meals leads to a decrease in salivation, so undigested food builds up in your body and can become toxic, even if you are eating healthy foods.

Keep in mind that consumption of cold water or alcoholic drinks makes the situation even worse.

3. When It Comes From A Garden Hose

8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided
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Even if a hose is connected to a pipe with a clean water system, the elements of the pipe itself can be dangerous to your health for the following reasons:

  • Organotin disrupts the endocrine system.
  • Antimony is linked to liver, kidney, and other organ damage
  • Phthalates can lower intelligence and cause behavioral changes.

2. Water That Comes From The Sea

Everyone knows that you should avoid drinking seawater, but few people know why it is harmful to your health.

First of all, most coastal waters contain pathogenic human viruses. That is why, if you accidentally drink water from your mouth while swimming, you should spit it out immediately, that is if you do not want to spend all your holidays suffering from rotavirus and all its unpleasant symptoms.

Secondly, seawater contains an enormous amount of salt and our bodies need a lot of pure water to get rid of it. This can lead to severe dehydration.

1. If You’ve Already Had Lots Of Water Throughout The Day

8 Situations When Drinking Water Should Be Strictly Avoided
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We have already mentioned this trip, but we would like to remind you that excessive liquid intake leads to low sodium levels and unpleasant side effects.

Also, drinking plenty of water is harmful to the kidneys because it prevents them from doing their job and regulating important components in the blood.

Do you control the amount of water you drink during the day? Share with us in the comments!


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