7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age

Despite what we think, our age is not the only reason we gain weight. There are many reasons, but a change in lifestyle is the main factor to blame. Crfat Sides offers some valuable advice on how to reach this special stage of your life feeling healthy and active.

How To Avoid Weight Gain As You Age

7. Strawberries, Apples, And Onions

7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age
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Scientists have discovered that increased consumption of flavonoid-rich foods is associated with weight maintenance and has a positive effect on the weight loss process.

Products that can help you lose weight are:

  • Cranberries
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Grapes
  • Wild berries
  • Tea
  • Apples
  • Onions
  • Leeks
  • Broccoli

Including these foods in your diet plan will have a positive impact on your overall health.

6. Stay Physically Active

7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age
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Don’t forget that our metabolism slows down as we age and as a consequence, we accumulate fat and gain weight. To avoid gaining too much weight, stay active. The best way to do this is with regular low-risk exercise.

Plus, exercise will help keep your muscles and joints strong and young and even slow down the aging process a bit.

Pay attention! Recent studies have shown that a 10-minute session performed three times a day is as effective as 30 minutes of non-stop physical activity.

Therefore, even climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, parking the car a little further from the office, or walking 10 minutes will also have beneficial effects.

5. Be Mentally Active

7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age
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Memory problems are considered a normal part of the aging process. But it’s not like you can’t do anything about it. Fun activities like reading, doing crosswords and sudoku, or playing chess (even some online games) will stimulate different parts of the brain, increasing memory and concentration.

These great habits awaken and train your brain, help prevent stress and depression, and maintain the quality of your life.

4. Say “No” To Diets

7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age
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Low-calorie diets can actually lower your metabolism rate forever. When you don’t get enough calories, your body tries to conserve all of its energy, and as a result, saves calories. If you follow these diets repeatedly, your metabolic rate will never return to normal.

Also, keep in mind that a 1,200 calorie diet (and less) will help you lose weight, but the weight you lose is muscle tissue, not fat. And because muscles burn more calories than fat, loss of muscle tissue will make it difficult to maintain weight.

3. Choose Clothes That Add To Your Confidence

The way you see yourself influences how you feel and how others perceive you. This especially concerns clothing. Try to choose those that accentuate your best features and hide imperfections.

For example, low waist jeans may not be the best option, as they can shorten your legs and draw attention to your waist without highlighting it.

2. Monitor Your Health Regularly

7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age
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Aging can also bring health problems, such as hypertension and osteoporosis, making it difficult to maintain physical activity.

Regular checkups help you stay healthy and enjoy every day of your life. Before you know it, you will generate your own positive cycle of things: good health offers the possibility and the will to exercise, and the latter makes you feel healthier and happier.

1. Start As Soon As Possible

7 Pieces of Advice to Avoid Weight Gain as You Age
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Do you think you can gain a few pounds now and lose some time later? Forget it! Just like brushing your teeth twice a day, you should introduce healthy habits into your life as soon as possible. That way, you won’t have to worry about extra pounds in the future.

Based on materials from El Confidencial


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