5 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship

Every relationship, even a perfect one, sooner or later hits bumps on the road. But sometimes it’s more like rock bottom, and it seems like nothing can be saved.

We are sure that if there is love, it is not a dead end. We share with you tips on how to pull through.

How To Save Your Relationship


Destroys The Relationship: You do not want to go home and are avoiding your partner.

Can Save The Relationship: Ignoring the issues you have with your partner can only make them worse. Realize that the first step to solving relationship problems is doing it together through communication.

5 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship
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Destroys The Relationship: You lie all the time and feel that your partner dos too. Trust is lost.

Can Save The Relationship: Maybe the truth disturbed you once, and your partner is afraid of hurting you? Or is it you who’s not honest? In any case, regaining trust is crucial to saving your relationship. Talk about this, and collectively decide to be sincere.

5 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship
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Destroys The Relationship: You lost passion for each other.

Can Save The Relationship: Think about and analyze why you feel this way. Perhaps it’s worth openly telling each other about your desires and fulfilling them together?


Destroys The Relationship: You are bored with predictability and looking for adventure on the side, as you know your partner through and through.

Can Save The Relationship: Make a list of your partner’s positive qualities. Remember why you fell for them in the first place. These qualities are still there but in the background now. Discuss ways to spice up your life (new food, a new hobby, new places).

5 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship
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Destroys The Relationship: You absolutely do not care what your partner is up to.

Can Save The Relationship: If this indifference is mutual, think about parting for a while, specifying terms and conditions (remember “Friends”?). Take time to analyze your feelings. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Destroys The Relationship: Dissatisfaction with your partner. Constant complaints. Reviving old arguments.

Can Save The Relationship: This crisis suggests that you need your relationship to develop: get married, have a child, get a pet, start a joint project, etc. Also, remember to always grow as a person. Don’t equate your relationship to your life. This will help you value your partner when you are with them.

5 Ways to Save a Struggling Relationship
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Destroys The Relationship: Not seeking professional help in a really tough situation.

Can Save The Relationship: When you have a serious problem, turn to a counselor. Each relationship is unique, so we at Bright Side can’t help you fully no matter how much we want to. An outside view is often helpful as well.


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