7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

Why does a modern person need to know etiquette? Our lives are fast, we eat in transit, we spend all day in our pajamas and we drink tea and coffee from paper cups.

But sometimes it is very useful and beneficial to slow down, dine in a fancy restaurant, and make a good impression. Being polite and looking good never goes out of fashion.

We explain the basic rules of etiquette to help you look elegant and charming.

7. Greeting

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

A proper greeting is very important. The first impression is based on this, which is why it’s useful to be equipped with a couple of rules:

You should shake someone’s hand quickly, without holding it for long or pulling it towards you. You have to respect your partner’s personal space. Tapping someone on the shoulder (even if you know them well) is considered in bad taste.

When greeting a woman,  a man can slightly bow.

6. Communication

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

Punctuality is mandatory. You should arrive at meetings on time or a little earlier. If you are going to be late, call your partner and apologize.

Praise people more often. Your companion will be pleased and you can demonstrate your power of observation, your ability to see details, and your sincere interest in your companion.

5. Men and Women

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

The rules of common courtesy say that n order to meet someone there must always be a mediator. For example, a mutual friend, who may be asked to introduce certain people to each other.

A man should never hold a woman’s purse. Even if he just wants to help. A man can take off a woman’s coat only to take it to the cloakroom.

4. Clothes

The right clothing can boost confidence and help you make a good impression on others. This does not mean that you should buy expensive clothes. For example, for a man, it is very important to always have perfectly clean shoes and a jacket that fits well.

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

Don’t buy clothes with inappropriate shoulders. All parts of a suit must be of the same style and size.

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

The sleeve of the jacket should cover your wrist, but should not cover the lower thumb joint.

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

According to the rules of dress, the bottom button of the jacket must be unbuttoned. You need to find a suitable jacket for your body type:

If you want to emphasize your figure, choose a fitted jacket.

If you want to look more impressive, choose a double-breasted jacket.

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

It is also very important to find suitable clothing for a woman’s style. As a general rule, it is recommended that the woman choose a dark skirt or pants and a light top (coat, blouse). This combination emphasizes your figure and looks elegant and modest.

Modesty is also important when wearing jewelry. Many jewelry in different styles demonstrate the bad taste of its owner.

3. At the Table

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

If you are invited to a table and there are people you don’t know, don’t talk to them before they introduce themselves, it’s not polite.

Pay attention to your hands too. Do not put them on the table, it is best to keep them on your lap. Putting the phone on the table means you are not interested in talking.

2. How to Sit Correctly

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

Good posture and leg position when sitting are crucial. If you sit in a low chair, don’t put one leg over the other. Keep your knees together and your legs parallel.

You can also use a royal trick called a “Cambridge cross”: put one foot behind the other, crossing your ankles. It can help you feel like a queen.

1. At a Restaurant

If before going to a restaurant you say to your partner “I invite you”, it means that you must pay. The phrase “Let’s go to a restaurant together.” means you only pay yourself.

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

There are so many different types of cutlery and it is not necessary to know all of them. However, there are a few basics to remember:

1 — A napkin (should be put on the lap). 2 — A salad fork. 3 — A fork. 4 — A plate. 5 — A salad plate. 6 — A knife. 7 — A teaspoon. 8 — A soup spoon. 9 — A cup and a saucer (dessert). 10 — A glass for white wine. 11 — A glass for red wine. 12 — A glass for water. 13 — A dessert spoon. 14 — A dessert fork. 15 — A dessert knife. 16 — A plate for bread.

7 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

This is important to know to give the waiter a signal and finish the meal well.

Are you familiar with these rules of etiquette? Do you think it is important to meet them today? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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