Here Are The Secrets Behind 5 Of The Most Amazing Magic Tricks

A magic show is a tried and true way to keep children happy and delighted. Sometimes, looking at all these incredible events, even adults can’t help but exclaim, “How is that possible?”

For all those who wish to discover the truth, now we can reveal the explanations behind five of the most popular magic tricks.

Best Magic Tricks Ever Revealed

1. Pulling A Rabbit Out Of A Hat

To perform this trick, you will need a rabbit, a table covered with a tablecloth, a piece of cloth, and a top hat. Take a square piece of thick black fabric and tie the four corners together.

Put a rabbit inside this makeshift bag. Hang the bag on a hook, located next to the table that you will face during the presentation. The tablecloth should be arranged in a way that prevents the public from seeing the bag.

At the beginning of the presentation, show the top hat to your audience to demonstrate that there is nothing inside. Then place the hat on the table, with the opening toward the table surface.

Now comes the most important part of the trick. Using easy and discreet movements, quickly lift the hat by the brim and place the bag under the hat.

Now make a few moves to show that you are conjuring something, remove the hat from the table and reveal the rabbit to the public!

2. Making Smoke Rise From Your Fingers

Take a matchbox and cut one side of the attacker. Separate the actual flammable surface from the cardboard liner.

Fold the resulting strip in half and turn it on. Let the strip burn, then discard it and collect the residue produced by burning.

This white phosphorous residue is what you’ll need to do the trick! Slowly rub it on your thumb and forefinger.

Now all you have to do is rub your fingers to make them smoke. After the presentation is over, don’t forget to wash your hands!

3. Bending a Spoon

To perform this trick successfully, you must first hide a small silver coin in the palm of your hand. When you are ready to fold the spoon, hold the coin so that only the tip is visible.

Place the coin on top of the spoon handle to make it look like you are simply holding the spoon. Press the oval end of the spoon against the table and try to give the impression of making a great effort to “bend” the spoon.

As you do this, let the strap fall from the back of your hand. Since the tip of the coin is still showing, it looks like the spoon is starting to bend.

4. Making A Person ’’Levitate’’

At the beginning of this spectacular trick, the magician’s assistant (usually a girl in a long dress) lies down on a table. By doing so, you ensure that the folds of the dress fall to the floor, hiding the space directly under the table.

The illusionist begins to “levitate” her on the table. For the trick to be successful, the public must believe that the girl is being magically held in the air. Actually, the effect is achieved by a special lifting mechanism.

To add excitement, the illusionist takes a ring and passes it over the body of the assistant. There is nothing extraordinary on the edge (it has no gaps or anything).

The only requirement is that the hoop is large enough to pass the girl repeatedly without touching the lifting mechanism.

Throughout the presentation, the magician must be careful to stay in such a way as to hide the stick that holds the attendant on the table!

5. Making A ’’Zig Zag Lady’’

This amazing trick uses several 35 cm high boxes and a 20 cm high mobile platform. When the assistant enters the lower box, she sits atop a hidden spring-operated hatch.

The hatch opens to an empty compartment, located inside the mobile platform. When the illusionist closes all the openings in the boxes, the girl slides through the hatch and sits cross-legged inside the platform’s internal compartment.

Each of the top three boxes has two openings: one real and one false. When the boxes are stacked on top of each other, the actual openings form a human-size door (used by the wizard to enter the structure).

On the other hand, the false openings are designed to reveal niches only 5 cm deep. Located within each of these niches, there are mannequin pieces, which correspond to various parts of the royal girl’s torso and show segments of the same outfit worn by the royal assistant.

When the performance begins, the illusionist takes each of the top three boxes and shuffles them. This is done to confuse the audience.

When the illusionist finally opens the boxes, the audience sees a mixed version of the wizard’s torso. Of course, we are talking about simple mannequin pieces, located inside fake openings!

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