9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone

All Apple users know about Siri, an automated personal assistant, always ready to help its owner with any questions. However, sometimes her responses can do more harm than good.

We have compiled a list of 9 items that are best avoided by asking Siri. And don’t miss the bonus at the end.

Things You Should Never Do

9. Don’t Tell Siri To Call Your Boyfriend

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone

Not really. Especially if you are not alone in the room. The problem is that Siri can create relationships by adding tags to their contacts. So, for example, if you ask her to call father, she will be happy to do so.

So what’s the trick with boyfriends? Very simple: Siri can create labels, but cannot delete them. Now imagine you have a list of all your exes. Oops!

8. Don’t Tell Her You To Need To Hide A Body

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
© Universal Pictures 

Yes, your answers can be fun (and they are), but you’d better google funny questions to Siri to satisfy your interest.

Big Brother is watching you, and all searches for drugs or DIY explosives can attract the attention of security services.

They won’t look for it right away, but they will certainly notice your interest.

Do you really need this kind of problem?

7. Don’t Ask Her To Call An Ambulance

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone

You probably know that Siri can be too literal at times. If you say something like “Call me an ambulance,” she can take that as a fun new nickname. It is better to call yourself and not entrust your life to your assistant.

But if there is no other way out, be as accurate as possible when it comes to writing. Tell her Siri, call an ambulance. Or, better yet, say the emergency number she has to call.

6. Don’t Search For Unknown Animals Or Plants

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
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If you are lucky (and not Australia), most of these monsters probably live far from you and you will never find them.

Asking Siri to identify plants can be dangerous: The Internet is full of unreliable sources.

It is better to read some relevant books beforehand. Research the plants you can find in the specific area you are going to and stay safe.

5. Never Tell Her To Show You Skin And Home Parasites

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
© pixabay.com  

A man’s house is his castle, and you probably feel safe there. All those comfy sofas and pillows … it’s amazing to go to bed after a long day at work …

Our immune system takes care of us, so we don’t have to think about all the horrible things around us.

And it’s even closer than you can imagine. Just follow the hygiene rules and do regular cleaning. And never ask Siri to find this information for you.

4. Don’t Try To Find Out If Jon Snow Is Alive

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
© HBO 

Our faithful Siri ended up being as secret as Mr. Martin, so unfair! Or perhaps she is no less confused and interested than we are?

Anyway, all Siri can give are funny but vague phrases: she gives us a few quotes about the death of the TV series, waits for someone to take care of Jon Snow’s dog … and even invites the poor guy to try restarting.

3. Don’t Ask Medical Questions

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
© pixabay.com  

Siri can answer almost all your questions. But when it comes to health, it is better to have a professional.

It can be ineffective and dangerous to start self-treatment since different diseases can present several similar symptoms.

2. And Finally, Never Ask Her About 9/11

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
© Paramount Pictures  

Canadian police have asked people to never search for information about 9/11 using Siri. And it’s not because she reveals secret information.

The point is, Siri understands this as a request to call 911 and connects you to the nearest police department in 5 seconds.

In fact, the same goes for 108, a famous Internet joke. It’s not funny, guys. You can be punished for cheating on the police. And it can cost someone’s life.

1. Now It’s Time For A Funny Bonus

9 Things You Should Never Ever Tell Your Phone
© pixabay.com  

Of course, we must not forget that Siri has a good sense of humor with a lot of sarcasm. So if you were at a good party last night, don’t ask Siri to find a hangover cure. It’s kind of boring when it comes to alcohol.

Do you know what she says? It offers a list of the closest liquor stores. How cruel is this, Siri?! Feeling a little sick now…


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