What Might Happen to Your Body If You Drink Too Much Coffee

Whether you’re sipping a hot cappuccino on the way to work or enjoying a latte after a big performance, it’s hard to imagine a day without coffee. And since it helps you replenish your energy quickly, many of us can’t resist the temptation to drink several glasses to recharge and keep moving throughout the day.

We can’t bear to face the day without a hot cup of Java either. And we decided to find out how drinking too much coffee can affect you.

It Might Be Visible On Your Nails

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In addition to making you feel jittery, drinking too much coffee can interfere with iron absorption and cause anemia. This fairly common condition affects the number of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to your body’s tissues and makes you feel weak and tired.

In addition to low energy, anemia can affect the appearance of the nails, causing the moons on the nails to become less visible or even disappear.

It May Upset Your Stomach

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If you’ve ever felt that drinking too many cups of coffee makes you go to the bathroom more often, there’s a scientific explanation for it. Since coffee is acidic, it irritates the stomach lining and causes cramps, which in turn can lead to diarrhea.

You can experience these unpleasant consequences even if you drink decaf, so it’s best to watch your caffeine intake and opt for less acidic varieties like roast or espresso.

It Might Give You Headaches

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While many people hope that a hot cup of Java will make a nagging headache go away, it can actually make it worse. Caffeine makes you urinate more often, which slightly dehydrates the body and can cause headaches.

While about four cups of coffee a day is considered a safe amount of caffeine for healthy people, most of us can actually tolerate much less and having too much caffeine can cause painful migraines.

It May Cause Your Skin To Age Faster

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Although coffee is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from damaging free radicals, drinking too much can deplete collagen in cells.

Because collagen is vital for plump, youthful skin, consuming too much caffeine can make skin less elastic and more vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles.

Can you start the day without coffee? How do you feel when you drink too much?

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