What Our Children Need to Know About Love

Fairy tales paint a rose-tinted version of what love is, so it is up to us to teach our children about the reality of love. For one thing, kids should know that love doesn’t always involve knights in shining armor and happily ever after. Similarly, they should not be told that the rude people who provoke them are in love with them.

We looks at some of the most essential messages about love that we should teach our children.

8. Abuse Is Not Love

What Our Children Need to Know About Love
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When your kids come home crying because other kids are teasing them, don’t say it’s because those mean kids have a crush on them. Letting them think that way will teach them that abuse is a sign of love and that it is not healthy.

7. There Is Give And Take In Love

It’s easy to want to adore your children and allow them to receive all of your love and attention. But they also need to know that they can’t just be on the receiving end.

As much as they deserve the love of others, they must also be taught to compromise and give love to others.

6. Loving Others Does Not Mean You Need To Love Yourself Less

What Our Children Need to Know About Love
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Your children need to know that when they love someone, it does not mean that they should sacrifice and bow for their loved ones.

Of course, commitment is important in any relationship, but you shouldn’t love yourself less to love someone else. Children learn this by observing the relationship between their parents.

5. Respect Is Crucial In Love

What Our Children Need to Know About Love
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Children must know that respect and love must go hand in hand. They should earn respect from others and give respect to others.

They must also be taught that they deserve as much respect as anyone else. Love without respect can be toxic.

4. Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Kind Of Love

Little ones need to know the difference between being selfish and loving themselves. While they must be taught not to run over others for their own benefit, they must also know whether to accept themselves for who they are.

They shouldn’t change just to fit a mold and be loved by someone.

3. Sometimes Love Does Not Last Forever

What Our Children Need to Know About Love
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Romantic comedies can lead your growing children to believe that love lasts a lifetime. But the truth is that love is temporary and sometimes it is better to end a relationship and move on.

They must understand that all the moments they spent being in love were not wasted. They were lessons for a better experience in the future.

2. Long-lasting Love Requires Effort

What Our Children Need to Know About Love
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Young people need to learn that for something as fragile as love to last, they have to work hard. If someone we love is worth it and is willing to try as hard as they are, lasting love is not impossible.

1. Sometimes Someone You Love Does Not Love You Back

As parents, of course, you do your best to give your children everything they want and need. But sometimes things are beyond anyone’s control and their children must accept that they don’t always get what they want.

One-sided love can bring a lot of headaches, but you need to learn to let it go. The experience will be less devastating if they already know what to expect and know that you will be there to support them.

Do you agree that it is important for children to know? What else do you think children need to know about love?


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