6 Painful Signs That Actually Show Your Partner Loves You

Some relationships can be safely called toxic: they literally poison people emotionally. It occurs when one partner moves out of selfish motives and a desire for power over another. But sometimes our conclusions about the alleged abuser are far from the truth.

To understand the real causes of what is happening in your relationship, we suggests looking at some cases from a different angle.

Signs Your Partner Loves You

6. Constant Preaching

6 Painful Signs That Actually Show Your Partner Loves You
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Yes, that is annoying. “You could do this. You could do that.” But is this really your partner’s discontent with you? Take a closer look.

Perhaps they are simply sure that you are capable of more or they think you were wrong to bury your talent. It’s true when they say that onlookers see more than players.

5. And Nothing But The Truth

Be honest: When you ask a question, do you really want to hear the true answer, or do you just want confirmation that you are right?

It is very important that you answer this question yourself first, so as not to look for ill intent in the overly direct answers of your loved one later.

4. Estrangement In Reply To Estrangement

6 Painful Signs That Actually Show Your Partner Loves You
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Love is a roller coaster. It goes up when feelings arise with renewed vigor and fall when everyday life and problems begin to exert their pernicious influence.

If your partner needs time alone to deal with your problems, don’t consider it the end of your relationship. Take a rest.

3. Dissatisfaction With Your Appearance

Basically, each of us desperately needs compliments to convince ourselves that appearance is not the criterion by which a good person is judged.

But if you suddenly gained weight that took your breath away, your partner’s comments can be attributed to worrying about your health, rather than wanting to be offended.

2. Spending Leisure Time Apart

6 Painful Signs That Actually Show Your Partner Loves You
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We all have different personalities, interests, and contact circles. If your partner is a fan of fishing and a nature enthusiast, while you enjoy bowling and noisy parties, don’t be offended that he doesn’t invite you to come by the lake. He just remembers how bored you were last time.

1. Distancing After Quarrels

All people fight from time to time. It is normal. But it is not normal to expect your partner to come running to reconcile immediately.

We all need time to calm down and consider our feelings and the words we blurt out. This is a need, not a desire to make it hurt even more.


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