5 Subtle Things We Do That May Harm Our Love Life Without Realizing It

Love is about little things: “good morning” messages, goodnight kisses, gifts, and good surprises. More than that, love also involves actions. On a daily basis, we can end up having attitudes that hurt our partner and, many times, we don’t even realize it.

We believe that being the best version of ourselves and expanding it to our partners is the way to achieve a happy love life. To understand more about the mistakes that may be in your way, keep on reading.

Forgetting Time With Friends

5 Subtle Things We Do That May Harm Our Love Life Without Realizing It

A friend starts a new relationship and completely disappears from having fun with friends, does that sound familiar? Unfortunately, this type of thing is very common.

In this case, it is necessary to remember that even being in a relationship, it is very important to keep in touch with friends, since the quality of life increases significantly.

Using These 4 Words When Expressing Yourself To Your Partner

5 Subtle Things We Do That May Harm Our Love Life Without Realizing It

Did you know that, according to experts, there are words that should not be said to your partner? Although communication plays an important role in relationships, it is best not to say a few words. The words are as follows:

“Should”: This word brings a feeling of frustrated expectations regarding your partner’s actions.

“Always (as in” You always do this “): This makes your partner feel like they are not allowed to make a mistake. And speaking of the word “never …”

“Never”: this word puts your partner on the defensive.

But (as in “Yes, that was wrong of me, but …”): Saying the word “but” in this case makes your partner feel like their statement has been screwed up.

Are you used to using any of those words? In that case, it may be a good idea to think of better ways to communicate with your partner.

Focusing On Your Partner’s Sacrifice In Order To Thank Them

5 Subtle Things We Do That May Harm Our Love Life Without Realizing It

Suppose you go on a date one night and receive a beautiful bouquet of roses. How do you respond to that? Many of us would say, “Thank you! You did not have to do it! “Oh thank you! You didn’t have to go through so much trouble! “But is this the best way to communicate?

One study found that when thanking others for something that was presented to you or done for you, you should express it with positive feelings and gratitude towards them and the relationship, rather than focusing on highlighting the cost of that action.

The best way to thank your partner for roses would be to say, “Thank you, they are beautiful! I love the way you make me feel! Do you see the difference it makes?

Going To Bed At Different Times

5 Subtle Things We Do That May Harm Our Love Life Without Realizing It

Do you stay up late while your partner goes to bed early? Their relationship is probably quietly breaking up. Although a study has shown that women prefer to go to bed at the same time as their partners, the reality is different.

In fact, 75% of couples go to bed at different times for various reasons, such as work hours, watching television, or surfing the Internet.

For a better connection with your partner, consider going to bed at the same time and seeing the results blossom over time.

Forgetting To Kiss Goodnight

5 Subtle Things We Do That May Harm Our Love Life Without Realizing It

Modern life requires us to work hard, answer emails, do daily chores, complete household chores, and manage finances and family.

Although we mean well, a couple’s life can be eaten up by their routines. Sometimes we can take our relationships for granted and forget about the little things that make love what it is.

To maintain that bond and avoid floating away from your partner, never forget to kiss them good night.

What are the mistakes you are currently making in your relationship? What do you think is the worst of them? Have additional tips on how not to damage your love life?


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