6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer

We are always interested in knowing the keys to a successful relationship. What are the things that can separate a couple or make their love last? A happy relationship requires that people put in the effort and work necessary to ensure a stable emotional environment. Scientists have worked hard to give you an idea of ​​what can help you keep your relationships happy.

We collected 6 scientific facts that can show you the secrets of successful relationships. The facts are very interesting; For example, American psychologist Robert Zanjonic even showed that couples in strong and vibrant relationships start to look alike after 25 years together.

Truths Every Couple Should Know

Jealousy Is In Your Genes

6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer
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To investigate the influence of their DNA on jealousy, the scientists studied the responses of 3,000 pairs of twins due to their similar genetic makeup. The results showed that 1/3 of their jealousy tendencies are likely to be genetic in origin.

There is no doubt that the other 2/3 depend on environmental factors, which means that the type of events that happened in our lives have more influence. How we respond to the idea of ​​a partner cheating is influenced by how we were raised and the people and events we see around us.

Happy Couple Ratio

6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer
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John Gottman, a leading relationship expert, conducted research in which he studied the habits of couples to understand the difference between happy and unhappy. The experiment was simple, they asked the partners to resolve a conflict in 15 minutes.

The discovery showed that healthy couples have the so-called “magic ratio” necessary to make love last. A relationship can be stable if there are 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction during a conflict. It also identified a proportion of couples who are likely to divorce. These partners have only 0.8 happy encounters for each negative encounter.

Negative moments during conflict include being critical, defensive, or negative body language, such as rolling your eyes. Happy couples start conflict more easily and try to maintain closeness and positivity throughout the conflict.

The Importance Of Friendship

6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer
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A survey by the Gallup Organization has shown that emotional connection is extremely important for marital satisfaction and can account for up to 70% of a couple’s happiness. So if you want your relationship to be stable, you need to think of ways to increase the quality of your friendship.

It is said that the most frequent reason for divorce is the loss of a sense of closeness. Only 20% of the participants blamed an extramarital affair for being separated. And this can even be linked to the issue of proximity since it was found that most cases start with the attempt to seek care, support, and friendship.

6 Hours To A Better Relationship

6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer
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John Gottman, a marriage researcher, claims that he found a notable difference between successful relationships and unsuccessful relationships. He says couples who continue to improve their relationships with each other try to invest an additional 6 hours each week in their love. He wants to share a rough formula to spend this quality time together:

Goodbye: Give your partner a warm goodbye to make sure they leave with a positive attitude. This only takes 10 minutes a week.

Hello: When you see your partner again, give them a hug and a kiss that lasts at least 6 seconds. After the kiss, have a stress-reducing conversation that can last up to 20 minutes. The total time for this is one hour and 40 minutes per week.

Appreciation and admiration: John Gottman encourages couples to keep a wonderful journal in which they can record the little things they admire about their partner. This takes 35 minutes a week.

Affection: Expressing physical affection is really vital if you want to connect with each other. Don’t forget the good night kisses and hugs before you go to sleep. This takes 35 minutes a week.

Dating at night: To be close to each other, it is important to have romance in the relationship. Try to spend about 2 hours on a date once a week.

State of the union meeting: Dr. Gottman suggests that you need to spend about an hour a week talking about relationship issues. You can change the way partners resolve their conflicts.

Being In A Relationship Can Make You Fatter

6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer
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New scientific research has confirmed that being in a relationship can increase your chances of gaining weight. This conclusion was reached after collecting data over a 10-year period from 15,000 participants. They found that couples weigh more than singles.

They said this could be explained because they no longer need to look attractive to their partners. They don’t want to impress you and they don’t mind being thin in most cases. They also warned that having children could make the situation worse because parents tend to eat leftovers and snacks.

The Michelangelo Effect

6 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer
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Another discovery, called the Michelangelo effect, claims to keep their relationship as strong as a rock. The name of this phenomenon comes from the idea that the partner is the sculptor. Michelangelo was a master at revealing majestic figures hidden in the stone.

If two people in love support the emergence of positive traits that can bring them closer to their ideal self, their relationship can last a long time. When they interact with each other, they help bring out the best in their partner.

What do you think makes love last? Share with us in the comments.

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