Can You Make Someone Fall in Love With You? Science Says Yes

This is one of the biggest questions when it comes to romantic relationships. Numerous studies have shown that we can really control love. Because generally this is just a basic psychological emotion like fear, joy, pity, and other emotions that can be regulated if well controlled.

So how do we use psychology and psychological tricks to learn how to make others fall in love with us?

We discovered that love is not really about “destiny.” It is a collaboration of biological, chemical, and psychological mechanisms. It is possible to find the right approach for them and use them for your own purposes.

The most important thing to understand is that the other person should have at least minimal feelings for you. Then you can transform them into real and deep feelings, easily and quickly.

Don’t Get Ice Cream On The First Date

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Social psychologist John Bargh, who works at Yale University, studies the role of unconscious processing in social behavior. Some of his studies have found an interesting connection between a person’s body temperature and their psychological state.

It has been found that when we are physically warm, we are more likely to be kind and friendly to other people. This trick can be very useful, for example, during a first date, when it is especially important to gain the person’s trust.

So remember this and make sure that in the future you only choose hot spots, food, and drink so that all meetings (both romantic and business) go smoothly.

The Advantages Of Extended Eye Contact

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Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin conducted a study to try to understand whether love can be measured. He found the answer in the eyes, or more specifically, in how often and how long people look at each other.

He found that couples deeply in love look at each other 75% of the time during a conversation and reluctantly stop looking at each other. In a normal conversation, people look at each other 30% to 60% of the time.

However, looking someone in the eye may not just be a consequence of being in love, it could be the reason. When you look at someone for a long time and you do so often, you fool the person’s mind because it remembers what the “love look” is.

Then start thinking of you romantically. The nervous system begins to produce phenethylamine that causes the sensations we feel when we fall in love: “butterflies in the stomach”, increased heart rate, heat in the hands. How could anyone resist?

Tell Them Something Awkward About Yourself

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It is obvious that an open and communicative person is more likely to be loved. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that if you share facts about yourself and your life without fear, you will make other people like you.

According to a study carried out by scientists from Harvard Business School, 79% of the subjects preferred to be open and sincere during their first encounters. They didn’t hide anything, even when it came to strange habits, tastes, strange situations that happened to them, and even negative character traits.

Because it works like secrets: when we tell someone a secret, there is a special bond between us and the person based on trust and understanding.

Don’t Do Anything. Just Let Them Do Something For You

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When we do something good or help someone, we feel good. We are happy with ourselves and we have very warm emotions for the person we help. When we justify our effort, we idealize the person with whom we have been so generous and convince ourselves that they deserve this treatment. As a result, we have an emotional anchor and we like the person even more.

On the other hand, when someone does something for us, we also like it. But these are different emotions and not all of them are very positive. In general, we feel that we owe the person and we have to pay them back.

Things are even more difficult when it comes to someone we don’t really like. Therefore, we must bear in mind this psychological effect.

Make Up A Secret Language Just For The 2 Of You

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It’s all about inside jokes, special words, and unique gestures that occur between people when they find common ground and become really close. Maybe you like the same movie, comedy show, song, book, or even meme.

And maybe the joke came spontaneously during your first date, a walk together, or a date. Don’t ignore these little things.

When you find and use this phrase in your daily communication, you will take your relationship to a whole new level. The relationship will become even stronger and more intimate.

Scientists at the University of Texas came to this conclusion in their study. We all want to be special and unique, and this secret language helps us feel like we understand each other better than anyone else.

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