This 4-ingredient Weight Loss Drink Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

There is no magic pill that can help you lose 30 pounds a week without compromising your health.

However, we want to share a recipe for a delicious and healthy drink that will help you lose weight faster than you would without it.

This 4-ingredient Weight Loss Drink Can Help You Lose Belly Fat
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You will need:

  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber
  • 1 glass cut parsley
  • 3 pieces fresh pineapple

Wash the vegetables well and remove the peel from the pineapple. Mix them all in the blender.

Do not add salt, pepper, sugar, or their substitutes to the drink.

You should drink the pineapple and vegetable juice within 15 minutes after preparation, so as not to lose its properties. Drink in the morning and only on an empty stomach.

If you combine this drink with sports and a healthy diet, you will see results in a week – your belly will become visibly flatter.

This 4-ingredient Weight Loss Drink Can Help You Lose Belly Fat
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What is the secret of this juice?

Celery is a very low-calorie vegetable, containing only 16 kcal per 100 g. Dietary fiber swells up inside your stomach and makes you feel full. Additionally, a study showed that increased fiber in your diet is an essential component of a weight loss regimen.

Like celery, cucumbers are high in fiber and are almost also low in calories. 95% of a cucumber is water, that’s why they help you drink your 2 L of essential liquid, recommended by nutritionists for anyone who wants to stay in shape.

Parsley contains a lot of fiber (3.3 g per 100 g; for comparison, the same amount of cucumber and celery contains only 0.5 g and 1.6 g, accordingly). It also has a mild natural diuretic effect.

100 g of pineapple contains 1 g of insoluble fiber, while its energy value is around 50 kcal. The fruit is sweet, so it also improves the taste of the drink.

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