27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was born to a modest family in Corsica, but he grew to become the emperor of almost all of Europe. As Emperor of France, Napoleon dominated European history for more than a decade, leading the Napoleonic Wars, which reached western Russia and southern Egypt.

Although he was certainly a tyrant and a dictator, Napoleon’s reign extended public education, the rule of law, and civic organization throughout his empire; he oversaw innovations like canned food and braille writing.

He spoke out against torture and anti-Semitism. There are many fascinating and thorough books written about the man, his military prowess, and his legacy, so here are 27 fascinating and great facts about Napoleon Bonaparte!

Interesting Facts About Napoleon

Napoleon was not French. He was Corsican. He always hated France when they made the invasion of Corsica. (Source)

27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte
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Napoleon was the first Corsican to successfully graduate from the French Military Academy. (Source)

Napoleon’s parents and close acquaintances used to call him by the nickname NABULIO. (Source)

Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife betrayed him twice. Her name was Josephine. (Source)

His wife’s original name was Mary Josephe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, which he did not like, so he changed it as Josephine. (Source)

He became Emperor of France in 1804, at the age of 35. He made several invasions in Europe. Victory after Victory. (Source)

He was seriously defeated in Russia. Not for the Russian army, but for the Russian winter. He attacked Russia with 6,00,000 soldiers and returned with only 95,000 soldiers. (Source)

27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte
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Napoleon resigned from the post of the emperor of France in 1814. Defeat in Russia played a major role in this. (Source)

He ate poison after giving up. But the poison couldn’t kill him. He was caught and sent to Elba. Throughout the way, he remembered how much in life he gained and all that he lost. (Source)

He was made the emperor of Elba. There he formed the administration for good government. (Source)

27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte
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Louis 18 was named emperor of France, but he was an incompetent king. He couldn’t govern France well. (Source)

Napoleon was watching all these events from Elba. He made a historic march from Elba to Paris. (Source)

Some infantry units were deployed to arrest Napoleon. Napoleon stepped forward and said, “If you want to kill your general, here I am.” To which the soldiers shrouded: “Long live the Emperor” Napoleon now entered the city of Paris. He became the emperor of France for the second time in 1815. (Source)

In 1815, at the Battle of Waterloo, he was defeated by the Prussian Army and the British Army. After the defeat, he resigned as Emperor of France for the second time. (Source)

27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte
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He was arrested and sent to the island of Santa Elena. In his last days, he said: To die is nothing but to live defeated and without glory is to die every day.” (Source)

When he came to know about the death of Josephine, he didn’t come out of his room for two days. (Source)

Napoleon always wanted to die the death of a warrior. He used to say, “If the Christ had not been crucified, He would have not been considered as the God by Humans.” (Source)

He was very good at math, but he had terrible social skills and was very dominant, so his teachers suggested that he join the army. (Source)

Napoleon had ailurophobia, which means he was afraid of cats. (Source)

He was famous for his short stature, although he was about six feet tall, which was an average height at the time, and the reason for that is that he liked to surround himself with extremely tall soldiers of the elite guard, which made him look short. (Source)

27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte
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Napoleon played a crucial role in shifting the paradigm of keeping the traffic to the left side of the road throughout Europe except the UK as he never conquered. (Source)

He would often dress in poor clothes and walk on the streets of Paris asking questions to the people to judge how popular he was. (Source)

He used to keep his wife’s small portrait in his pocket during the battles as he thought she bought good luck to him. (Source)

27 Epic Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte
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He was terrified of open doors. Anybody entering the room had to squeeze through a small opening and close the door as soon as possible. (Source)

Napoleon allegedly wore a bundle of poison on a rope around his neck. When he finally wanted to use it. Eventually, he lost his potency and only managed to make him sick. (Source)

Napoleon spent very little time sleeping, about 4 hours a day. (Source)

On May 5, 1821, Napoleon died on the island of Santa Elena. (Source)


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