Why Most Asian People Don’t Need to Use Deodorant

Asians generally do not have Rh-negative blood and hospitals don’t store it for transfusions. Foreign travelers with negative blood rhesus will have major problems if they need a blood transfusion.

There are many ways in which Asians differ from other races, one of which is that they generally do not need to use deodorant to remove body odor.

We know that it’s not good to be jealous, but we can’t help but feel jealous of Asians who, according to different studies, don’t bother to use underarm deodorant.

And it’s not because they don’t care about the smell of their bodies, but because of their special condition, and we’d love for you to discover more with us.

It’s All About The “smelly” Gene

Why Most Asian People Don’t Need to Use Deodorant

Nobody is born with smelly armpits because our body actually produces odorless sweat that is then invaded by bacteria, and that’s where the smell comes from.

But a recent study from the University of Bristol uncovered the fact that underarm odor is dependent on a specific gene called ABCC11.

Why Most Asian People Don’t Need to Use Deodorant
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Scientists initially thought that this gene was responsible only for the consistency of the wax, making it dry or wet.

In fact, 80% to 95% of East Asian people have been found to have dry ear wax, while Africans and Europeans water. And surprisingly, the consistency of the wax is related to the smell of the armpits.

Why Most Asian People Don’t Need to Use Deodorant
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It turns out that Asians have a special genetic condition, which is the lack of the ABCC11 gene. This causes the ear wax to dry out because it lacks the substance that feeds bacteria.

The same is true of sweat: it has no odor because bacteria are “hungry” since the bodies of Asians do not produce this substance for food.

Europeans and Africans are not so lucky, as less than 3% of them do not have this gene, while the rest do, so their armpit bacteria have an environment to grow, so they produce an odor.

Why Most Asian People Don’t Need to Use Deodorant

Some People Still Use Deodorant When They Don’t Need To

Why Most Asian People Don’t Need to Use Deodorant
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Surprisingly, the vast majority of women continue to use deodorant, even if they don’t have this “stink gene.”

Genetic scientists suggest that pressure from society is the reason some of us continue to follow various unnecessary hygiene routines simply because “everyone else is doing it.”

How do you feel when you realize you don’t have deodorant on hand? What’s your life hack for dealing with body odor?


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