8 Photos That Prove There Is Always Something Dicey About Relationships

There is nothing better than a sense of humor, especially during unexpected situations in your relationships. If your wife says she can cut your hair by herself, just let it happen. Maybe the style won’t be the best, but it will be fun for sure.

We have put together some hilarious photos that prove that your partners will never let you down.

#1. “It was a bad idea for a third date. Looking back I still can’t believe she married me.”

© Dry-Recognition-2626 / Reddit

#2.  “My wife got me a scarf at CVS.”

© ConsistentNot / Reddit

#3. “I also asked my wife to cut my hair.”

© mannimosity / Reddit

#4. “I was wondering why my wife was giggling when she asked me to change the air filters.”

© AelyneMB / Reddit

#5. “My husband likes to play Jenga in the fridge.”

© Tasty-Pitch / Reddit

#6. “How my girlfriend ‘handled’ a spider, and is too scared to clean it up.”

© nomadwannabe / Reddit

#7. “My girlfriend likes to cut my sandwiches into weird shapes just to watch me suffer.”

© adam_philip / Reddit

#8. “I gave my girlfriend a set of keys to my apartment today.”

© Brunoyouknow / Reddit

How do you usually make fun of each other in your relationships? What is the best part about being in relationships?

Preview photo credit Dry-Recognition-2626 / Reddit


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