This 70-Year-Old Australian Lady Kept Her Figure by Quitting Just a Single Food Product

Some of us spend our entire lives searching for the perfect body formula. And probably here it is Carolyn Hartz, 70, excluded just one food from her diet and remained young and beautiful forever.

Carolyn Hartz will turn 70 in July. She is a grandmother four times over, but she is so beautiful you just can’t call her “grandmother”.

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Carolyn is sure that the perfect formula for the body is simple: watch what you put in your mouth and move your legs.

She never uses her age as an excuse. For example, she’s recently taken up lawn tennis.


Her beauty secret is simple. 30 years ago, Carolyn had to completely eliminate everything that contained refined white sugar for health reasons – she had diabetes.

After a year, Carolyn’s body recovered and her blood sugar level returned to normal. She never liked living like this, because she rejected all the foods that she loved so much.

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That’s when she found a way to eat sweets without harm: Carolyn became an entrepreneur and started an artificial sweetener company.

It does not depend only on a diet, of course. Carolyn sleeps 8 hours a day and does a lot of walks, meditations, and sports. She also confessed that she had undergone minor plastic surgery.

As a mother and an experienced person, Carolyn always says: “Life is not perfect. Not everything is going your way, but it’s okay. If you have a challenge or a setback, get up.

Do it again. Because often it’s the universe poking you in another direction. I’m really believe that one door closes and another opens.

 I’m not saying that I’m always up. No, I have my hard times as well, but the secret is the glass is half full. Get up, and go again.

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