10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True

Millions of historical events have contributed to creating the world we know today. Our textbooks provide information on some of the most important historical events, but leave others out.

Some events seem so illogical that it appears like someone just made them up. So, we decided to bring you 10 events in history that seem illogical, but they are true!

Most Amazing Events In History

10. Matthias Gallas was a military commander who in 1637 ordered his army to march to a wasteland without food. Most of his soldiers died of starvation. He repeated the same mistake in 1638, taking his army to the same wasteland. (Source: 12)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
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9. There were two Mongol invasions in Japan that were stopped twice by typhoons, the tropical storms. (source)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
Image Credit: Kikuchi Yoosai via Wikipedia,Wikipedia

When the Mongols first invaded, they successfully conquered the Tsushima and Iki islands in Japan, and the Mongols returned again seven years later. At that time, the Japanese had built high walls to protect themselves from future attacks. The Mongols struggled to land due to the walls and had to stay afloat for months.

8. The Lichtenstein army once invaded Italy with 80 men and returned without casualties and 81 men. (source)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
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The 80 men sent there saw no action and returned with no casualties. But something amazing happened. 80 men went to fight, but returned with 81! An Austrian or Italian soldier is believed to have decided to join the Lichtenstein army and returned home with them!

7. During World War II, when Sergeant Leonard A. Funk faced 90 German soldiers, he began to laugh hysterically at the situation. Many enemy soldiers joined him in laughter until Funk killed wiped them out with his machine gun, killing 21 and capturing the rest. (source)

6. People repeatedly attacked Russia during the winter. Russia’s winter weather has contributed to the military failure of several Russian invasions, giving rise to the term “general winter”. (source)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
Image Credit: Louis Bombled via Wikipedia, Sergey Ivanov via Wikipedia

5. A single Soviet tank held off an entire German division for a day at the Battle of Raseiniai in 1941. (source)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
 Image Credit: WolfDW via Wikipedia

This is the story of one of those brave Russian KV tanks, which sustained an entire German division for an entire day. According to the locals, this single tank arrived at its location, stopped and waited for the Germans. When the Germans arrived, the tank open fired. When the Germans couldn’t continue, they thought it better to wait because, at some point, the tank would need supplies. But the tank did not move.

4. Napoleon managed to escape his exile on the island of Elba, arrived in France, turned the army that was sent to capture him at his side, and ruled Paris for 100 days. (source)

3. Tycho Brahe was a Danish astronomer who lost part of his nose in a duel, hired a dwarf to be his assistant/pet, and died from a ruptured bladder from not urinating for a long time. Professionally, he is famous for his accurate and complete astronomical and planetary observations. (Source: 12)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
Image Credit: Eduard Ender via Wikipedia, Science Museum London via Wikipedia

2. King Pedro I of Portugal the love of his life exhumed from her grave, clothed and crowned her like a queen, and made the entire court pay homage to their new queen. (source)

10 Events From History Seem Illogical But Are True
Image Credit: Wikipedia

King Pedro I of Portugal was the son of King Afonso IV. Alfonso was an unshakable ruler and he wanted things to go as he wanted. So when Pedro fell in love with Inês Piras de Castro, Afonso declared that this was illegitimate and forbade Peter from marrying her. But Peter claimed he did it anyway, which infuriated the king. The king ordered Ines to be expelled from court and confined to a monster. There, in 1355, he ordered three of his henchmen to take her life.

1. Audie Murphy was one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II. At age 19, he managed to support an entire company of German troops on his own for an hour, then counterattacked and won while wounded and without ammunition. When the war ended, Murphy had a 21-year long acting career. (source)

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