5 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

Myths are exceptionally difficult to kill. We often believe things that don’t even have hard evidence. Love is no different from other areas of life, and some of the common stereotypes about love can seriously damage your relationship.

But if you know them, you will make fewer mistakes and there will be much less to regret in the future. We collected the 6 most widespread misconceptions about romance that can hinder your happiness.

Opposites Attract

5 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

How many times have you heard this phrase? Despite its popularity,  it’s been proven wrong. Generally, people who are in a long-term relationship have more in common than differences at the beginning of their journey.

Already on their first date, they notice the characteristics of the other person that they themselves have. These traits indicate that the couple may have a harmonious relationship in the future.

Additionally, couples with similar personalities and values ​​have been found to be better parents than couples with different dispositions.

I Can Change Them

5 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

If you still think you can change partners, forget it. Of course, a relationship leaves a mark on a person’s habits. But there are fundamental areas that you simply cannot change, no matter how hard you try: personality, attitudes, values, and a selection of socially relevant behaviors.

If you dream of a partner who understands and supports you, it would be better to have someone who shares your opinions.

Living Together Before Marriage Is A Good Way To Get To Know Each Other

5 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

This course of action seems intuitive. To make an important decision, you need to know someone well. However, living under the same roof is not the best way.

A couple will move in together and may do very well for a while, but preparing for marriage does not happen in a matter of days. Meanwhile, their parents begin to wonder when they will finally marry, because “what’s the point of waiting if they already live together?”

This will lead the couple to marry rather than make a conscious decision. In the future, they may get divorced or feel dissatisfied with the premature step. So it’s best to start living together after the two of you are ready to make your faith.

Your Soul Mate Is Predetermined

5 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

Many people dream of finding a perfect match at the beginning of their search. The truth is that we did not meet, but we became soul mates as a result of a happy and harmonious marriage.

Furthermore, among the billions of people living on this planet, there are certainly more than one who could become your other half.

It is indisputable that the fundamental values ​​of a couple must coincide, but only long-term love and mutual respect, despite all obstacles, will make you feel as if you have a kindred spirit by your side.

Love Has An Expiration Date

5 Myths About Love That People Still Believe In

The people who claim this is wrong. A study from Stony Brook University in New York found that feelings in new partners are as strong as in relationships that last 10 to 29 years. In both cases, the brains of the volunteers who participated in the experiment reacted to photos of their loved ones in similar ways.

However, keep in mind that eternal love is only possible if partners care for each other, respect each other’s opinions, and solve their problems side by side.

Do you have other examples of beliefs about relationships that you think are false? Share your ideas in the comment section!

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