20 Interesting Facts You Might Not Be Able to Forget

Think about the thoughts you have before falling asleep, especially when you need to fall asleep very quickly. At times like these, your brain begins to wonder about different things in which you never think about a normal day, how much does a cloud weigh?

Can a person smell it while sleeping? How much energy does a human body produce? Luckily for you, we found the answers to all these questions!

We have prepared 20 interesting facts that you can think about before you go to sleep.

Most Interesting Facts

You can know the degrees of an angle using only the hand. Spread your fingers as far as possible and place your palm on a surface with the angle you want to measure. The little finger should be at the bottom and represents 0 °. The angle between the thumb and the little finger will be 90 °, the angles between the little finger and the other fingers will be 30 °, 45 °, and 60 °, respectively.

During your life, you meet around 16 murderers and you don’t even know it.

Every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you are the first person in history to have the cards in that particular order.

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You can find out the number of days of each month using your knuckles. Make a fist and start counting the months by the knuckles. Each joint and opening is a separate month. Start counting on one hand and once you’re done, start again with the knuckles of the index finger. If the month is at the joint level for 31 days, if it is within the range, the month contains 30 days or less.

A 43 cm pizza is larger than two 30 cm pizzas.

Human saliva contains a natural painkiller called opiorphin, which is six times more effective than morphine. In addition, morphine can have an anti-panic and antidepressant effect.

There are “prohibited” colors that our brain cannot imagine. They consist of shades that compensate for human eyes, for example, red-green or yellow-blue. If someone asks you to imagine the blue-yellow color, you will think green, while in fact there is a yellow and blue color at the same time, but we cannot imagine it.

The oxygen atoms that are now in our lungs, the carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, and the iron in our blood were born inside the stars and spread throughout the universe when they exploded. This means that we are all strangers and made of stardust.

When you are 60, you will lose half of your taste buds and the ability to differentiate between sweet, salty, acidic, and bitter products.

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You can’t sense any smells when you’re sleeping.

During pregnancy, if a woman damages her internal organs, the baby sends her stem cells to the damaged site to accelerate the healing process.

Every day, our heart produces enough energy for a 19-mile truck ride, and the brain produces enough energy to light a 10-watt bulb.

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Most people have no idea that the street lamps are much larger than they seem and the lines on the road are much thicker than they seem. There is an explanation for this phenomenon called size perception.

Each year, 98% of you become a new person. That is the number of new atoms you get each year.

Oxygen is necessary for people to live, but it also oxidizes the cells, which leads to aging.

The person sitting closest to you on the left is the furthest from you on the right.

Your age is the number of circles you made around the sun.

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An average cloud weighs about 500 tons (100 elephants) and a storm cloud weighs the same as 200,000 elephants. The scientists were able to “weigh” a cloud by knowing its size and the approximate amount of water it contains.

In 1991, sociologist Scott Feld counted the average number of friends a person has and compared it with the number of friends of that person’s friends. The second number has always been higher than the first, which means that your friends always have more friends than you. Hence the friendship paradox.

People born in the 1990s lived two millennia, two centuries, and three decades, and are not even 30 years old.

Do you know any interesting facts like these? Share them in the comment section below!

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