8 Pieces of Advice on How to Make Up After a Fight

Disagreements often lead to arguments between couples. Is there a way not to argue? Probably not. All couples fight, but we want to give you 8 tips on how to make up with the love of your life after a fight, even if you had a bad fight.

8. Count To 10

Seriously, it works! When you hear something you don’t like or disagree with, take a deep breath and count to 10. You don’t want to hurt your partner on the spur of the moment, do you?

7. Adopt A Special “Stop” Signal For Both Of You

When a disagreement with your partner approaches the critical point, it is very important to stop all fights using a secret signal that you both agreed to.

It can be a gesture or a funny word, for example. It is as if you are sending your partner a message that you are very close to passing the threshold of your patience.

6. Don’t Try To Win

8 Pieces of Advice on How to Make Up After a Fight

It’s not what you really want, is it? You don’t always have to be right. In a conversation with your loved one, there is no such thing as being right or wrong.

Even if you have strong feelings about something during the discussion, it won’t be as important afterward. Try it and you will notice the difference.

5. Some Issues Just Aren’t Worth Fighting About

It is totally normal to have differences of opinion, especially when we have to get used to the way of life of other people.

But there are problems that are not worth fighting for and will only cause stress and resentment in the long run.

Choose wisely which causes are worthwhile and which are not.

4. Give Your Partner A Hug

8 Pieces of Advice on How to Make Up After a Fight

When there is a misunderstanding or disagreement, the last thing you want to do is have physical contact with the person in front of you.

However, any tactile contact reminds you that you love that person and that you want to be together.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug and be generous enough to give it. It can help avoid a bigger fight.

3. Do Something Impossible

Let’s face it, we tend to interpret everything our partners do or say in relation to their past and, to be honest, often with a negative connotation.

If he doesn’t wash the dishes, it’s because he never helped you in the kitchen. If you miss a special occasion, it’s because you never cared much about your relationship.

Do this “impossible” thing: try to understand why it feels this way and try to change things. This will change the whole nature of your interactions.

2. It’s Okay To Go To Bed Angry

Despite what we may think, experts say it is not necessary to reach an agreement the same day that there is a big fight.

Don’t be in a rush, get plenty of rest, and try to get up early the next day. Don’t worry: nothing bad will happen to your relationship overnight.

1. Bring Some Humor

Make up a joke! It’s a great way to break the tension. Don’t try to be ironic or cruel to your partner; just an innocent gesture or a funny word will always help.


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