10 Common Skin Care Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Face

Have you ever wondered why the same skincare tips are repeated in many articles in all types of magazines? The reason is not that publishers do not have a fantasy, but that most readers simply do not follow the simple advice offered. Maybe it’s time to stop spending money on expensive cosmetics that promise miracles and only start from the basics?

At Craft Side, we don’t want to overestimate the power to affect your life, but we will still try to protect you from the 10 most common facial care mistakes. Don’t miss our bonus on the benefits of a banana peel at the end!

You change your cosmetics very often.

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Buying another face cream or serum is not easy when magazines continue to show us countless compilations of the best beauty products of the season, while cosmetic stores announce discounts and sales. However, it is worth doing everything possible to resist, especially if you already have several items at home that suit you.

Maybe you fear that your skin suits old cosmetics and that is why you keep changing cosmetic items for a better effect? Everything is in vain because your skin does not conform to skin products, while a newly purchased cream can become the reason for an allergic reaction.

You use a daily facial scrub.

Our skin regenerates without “extra” help; However, we continue to use scrubs to accelerate this process. Yes, aprons can help the skin peel faster and purify it, but if you do it daily, you run the risk of depriving your skin of its protective layer.

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Generally speaking, scrubs and rough brushes are not the best solutions to clean the face. We recommend replacing them with light chemical peelings. And we don’t want expensive classroom procedures. There are currently many household items that can eliminate dead skin cells without problems and without pain. For example, almond peeling can be done at home and even in summer without risk of pigmentation.

You Refuse to use make-up removers.

In an effort to simplify your skincare routine at night, you can wash the makeup and dust of a big city with a cleanser or simply with water. However, doing so not only saves a few minutes but also leaves cosmetic particles on the face, which can cause clogged pores, acne and an increase in the oil content of the skin.

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Therefore, before washing your face, it’s better to use a make-up remover such as micellar water, cleansing oil or cleansing balm. These are not useless bottles invented to empty your wallet; They are necessary products if you want the best for your skin.

You use the same pillowcase for 2 weeks.

Even if you wash your hair and clean your face every night before bedtime, your pillowcase stores dust, epithelium particles (including the epithelium of a person with whom you share your bed) and pet dander. After 2-3 days, your pillow has the perfect conditions to “enrich” your face with imperfections.

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If you do not want to see spots on the face in the morning, change the pillowcase once every 2 days. And also try replacing it with silk. This will give you more opportunities not only to protect your face from rashes, but also from premature wrinkles.

You do not use toner.

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Toner is a product that restores the skin’s pH balance and prepares it for additional procedures. Even a common moisturizer works more effectively with a toner. In addition, it is necessary to use it after traumatic procedures such as chemical peels.

By including it in a set of necessary beauty products, you are more likely to avoid skin problems such as dryness, irritation, and rash. The main thing is to find a product that does not contain alcohol, otherwise, the situation will be the opposite.

You Use powder to remove oily shine.

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The face shines 24/7 and no matte product can help. This can really be a problem in the summer. And that’s where many look for facial powders to get rid of the shine. Unfortunately, it cannot keep matted skin for a long time (especially when it is very hot outside), but it will definitely clog pores.

You Correct the eyebrows before applying makeup.

If you suddenly find extra hair in the area of ​​the eyebrow or on the upper lip, leave it as it is until night. It is unlikely that anyone will pay attention to them, while the redness or swelling at the site of the torn hair will be visible to anyone, regardless of the amount of makeup base they use.

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If you decide to correct your eyebrows, it is worth waiting at least 2 hours before applying cream or decorative cosmetics in the treated area.

You wash your face before showering.

Of course, you can wash your face whenever you want, but it is better to wash your face with a small amount of cleanser again after showering. Hair products often contain silicones, parabens and other chemicals that make hair smooth and soft. Unfortunately, they are not so useful for the face.

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On the other hand, sticking to the skin can cause irritation, redness or worsen existing acne. That is why we recommend removing cosmetics from the face before taking a shower and performing a final facial wash after washing the hair.

Do not apply skin products before bedtime.

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After wearing makeup all day, you may not want to have anything on your face. However, your skin will be better restored if you apply a night cream, serum or mask. The active substances in these products counteract the negative effect of decorative cosmetics and help your face look fresh.

You don’t use SPF products on cloudy days.

It seems that everyone who cares about staying young and handsome has realized the importance of UV protection. But although many people use an SPF product on sunny days, even in the city and not only on the beach, many forget about sunscreen on cloudy days.

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Unfortunately, harmful ultraviolet radiation is always present, even in cold Scandinavian countries. That is why it is necessary to protect your skin throughout the year. You do not need to use special sunscreen products when it is cloudy outside. Simply buy an SPF 30 moisturizer and it will be enough for the health of your skin.

How can a banana peel help your skin?

Often, solutions to skincare problems can be found in simple things like a banana peel. It has several benefits, such as:

  • fight swollen eyes (place the inside of a banana peel over the eyes for a few minutes);
  • wrinkle reduction (rub the skin in specific areas and rinse after 30 minutes);
  • Acne and papilloma treatment (rub selected areas for several minutes, 3 times a day);
  • and even whiten your teeth (gently rub on your teeth for a few minutes 1-2 times a day).

Which of these mistakes do you make? Will you change your habits? Tell us in the comments! Preview photo credit Nlo-mir.ruSkin Magic / Facebookmakedonijadenes.com


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