How To Get Perfect Skin Tone – 8 Simple and Effective Steps

Beautiful skin is the key to a fascinating makeup. Some girls choose the most famous and expensive cosmetics, follow fashion bloggers and try new products. But Unfortunately, the result often leaves much to be desired.

In Craft Side, we have compiled the complete set of tricks that will help you perfect your skin with minimal effort.

Properly cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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The most important thing is to take care of your skin and keep it beautiful and healthy. Follow a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious and vitamin-rich foods and choose cosmetics for your skin type.

Cosmetologists also recommend peeling the skin and applying nourishing masks regularly. But the number one rule is to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin morning and afternoon. It is not enough to simply rinse your face, you should really apply a tonic lotion and a moisturizer.

Conceal the flaws of your skin

Use concealer of different colors to hide defects. The green concealer cleans red spots and pimples; place it on the defects with the index finger or a sponge. If you want to hide spots or freckles of yellow or brown pigment, choose a purple or blue concealer.

Hide eye circles

Use the concealer to hide the dark circles. A common mistake is to apply concealer with several thick strokes directly under the eyes, but this will highlight all the defects. Draw a kind of triangle and mix it carefully with your fingers.

In more severe cases, when the circles are too deep, red lipstick can help. Apply to the problem area, mix carefully, add concealer and mix as well. As a result, you will have perfect skin under the eyes.

Choose and apply the base correctly

Choosing the base is a serious task because the result of your efforts will depend on the quality of the base. To find the correct tone, apply several different tones to your neck; It will help you choose the right color. Remember that our facial skin tone changes a bit due to weather, mood and other things.

Apply the base of the center of the face with a special wide brush or with your fingers. Pay attention to the area of ​​the forehead where the hair grows and the sides of the nose.

Contour correction

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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Contour correction allows you to hide gaps and accentuate some parts of the face. You can find different types of cosmetic products in stores.

The cream and liquid concealer take longer to apply properly and are not good for daily makeup. Correctors and dust markers look much more natural and are easy to apply.

Follow the contour steps shown in the images. The main rule is to highlight the areas you want to accentuate and obscure the areas you want to hide.

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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To outline an oval face, darken the chin and forehead where the hairline begins. To make a narrower face, apply blush to the cheekbones. Do not stretch the line at your temples.

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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If you have a round face, you must lengthen it. Darken the sides of the face (temples, cheekbones and double chin) and highlight the forehead, chin and the area under the eyes.

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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For a triangular face, the upper part of the face should be narrowed while the lower part should be visually enlarged. Darkens temples and prominent forehead areas. Then highlight the center of the forehead, chin and eye area.

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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If you have a rectangular face, you need to soften sharp lines and make your face more diamond-shaped. Darken the area over the temples and the sides of the jowls. Then highlight the center of the forehead, the eye area and the tip of the chin.

Apply blusher

How To Get Perfect Skin Tone-8 Simple and Effective Steps
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A slight blush makes your face look fresh and healthy. For light skin, use pink blush tones, while bronze and coral tones will adapt to darker skin. Nude and pink tones are suitable for almost everyone.

To apply the blush correctly, use a light blush and a special brush. A good tip for you: smile and apply blush to prominent areas of the cheeks. Ready

Correct your makeup

Gently clean the face with a paper napkin and apply powder on the chin, the T zone, the eye area and around the lips. Do not apply powder on the cheeks to avoid shine. Use light powder, for example, mineral.

Lips remedy

Whatever the reason for dark spots or dark lips, it is important to cure this problem inside and out.

The skin of our lips is very thin, so it easily darkens with smoke, too much coffee, tea or drink. An important tip is to always hydrate.

You can return this pleasant pink color to your lips by preparing a simple medicine made from beets, honey, and milk. apply at nighttime and you will see the difference quickly.

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