8 Things to Avoid To Keep Your Breasts Healthy

It is not enough to examine yourself for healthy breasts. You can still have constant pain, which is the most common problem that occurs in 70% of women. In addition, sometimes you may feel irritation or itching. Such a sensitive area needs special attention to minimize all these problems.

In Craft Side, we understand that this part of a woman’s body is a treasure that requires proper care and we would love to share 7 things we should not do to keep our breasts healthy.

#1. Removing hairs

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It is normal to want to look perfect and there is nothing criminal in wanting to get rid of long black hair on the nipples. But we must be very careful here: it can damage your breasts. Removing, waxing and pulling hair in this area can cause irritation, ingrown hair, and inflammation.

What you should do:

Do not remove your hair yourself, look for a dermatologist with special knowledge in this area that can help you remove it safely.

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#2. Running in a sports bra or without a bra

how to keep your breast healthy
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More than 50% of women experience chest pain during exercise. The breasts move up to 21 cm while running or jumping. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right sports bra and not wear a normal bra for your daily exercise routine.

How to choose the right sports bra:

  • For each type of sport, you need a different bra. There are low, medium or high impact bras to choose from. Consult a shop assistant if you don’t know which one to buy.
  • The fabric of the cup should be smooth and firm. If there are wrinkles in the tissue, the cup is too large.
  • Remember that sports bras last between 30 to 40 washes.

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#3. Wear the wrong bra

how to keep my breasts healthy
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If you choose the wrong type or size of your bra, you may experience constant pain or discomfort. The bra should not evoke the feeling of wanting to take it off.

How to find a perfect bra:

  1. Your bra should not dig sideways. The nipples should be halfway between the shoulders and elbows.
  2. When you try on your bras or change the size of the band, you must also change the size of the cup.
  3. The straps should not be too tight and dig in the shoulders.
  4. Make sure the fabric of the cups is smooth and that the edges are against your chest.
  5. Check and try different types of bras to find the most comfortable.

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#4. Piercing your nipples

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Of course, everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their body, but piercing is very dangerous for their breasts.

Why piercing is dangerous:

  • Some women may be allergic to metal.
  • Drilling can affect milk production and cause problems if you plan to breastfeed later.
  • Increases the risk of developing an abscess and pain.

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#5. Using duct tape to fix your breasts

how to keep your breast milk healthy
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It is an easy solution if you need to wear a dress with a large neck or open back, but keep in mind that it is not a healthy option for your breasts.

Why not recommended:

You may be allergic to tape. The risk of rash around the nipples is high, so it can cause inflammation and itching.

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6. Not moisturizing your breasts

how to keep my breast milk healthy
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We use creams on the face, hands, and legs, but sometimes we forget other sensitive areas such as breasts. They also deserve daily attention.

Why it is necessary to moisturize the breasts:

  • The skin of this area is extremely thin.
  • The breasts develop itchy scales and lose their elasticity.
  • If you want your breasts to remain young and not fall off, use creams and lotions.

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#7. Forgetting to put deodorant on your bra

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Hot summer days and training can make our breasts sweat a lot and cause a lot of discomforts. Sensitive skin in this area reacts immediately and is irritated.

How to stop breasts from sweating:

  • Do not buy synthetic cloth bras.
  • Invest in a special moisture absorbing bra.
  • Use deodorant without aluminum.
  • Try chest lotions specially made to fight to sweat.
  • Try the baby powder.

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#8. Flatten and tighten the breasts

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Flattening and squeezing the breasts can cause bruising and swelling that can cause tenderness and tenderness.

Don’t be tough with this sensitive area, as it can easily cause injuries.

What is recommended:

  • While checking your breasts, be gentle: you don’t have to squeeze them too hard.
  • Take a bra that doesn’t crush your breasts too much.

What other habits can damage your breasts? How many years could you finally find your perfect bra? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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