23 Best Beauty Tips & Trick That Will Help You Look Gorgeous Every Day

Every girl wants to look perfect everywhere and anywhere. Whether it’s a date night, a night with the girls or even a day at the gym, we want to look good in every way, to the last detail. Unfortunately, living our crazy and busy lives, we almost never have time for ourselves.

We have gathered some of the best beauty tips that will make your life easier, saving you time, energy and money. Get ready to impress everyone you meet!

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The essential oils of cinnamon and mint are very effective in making your lips fill and shine. If you are not allergic to these ingredients, you can simply add a few drops to the balm or lip gloss.

Coconut and olive oil are excellent for removing water-resistant makeup. Try this trick and you will see that washing the makeup is easy even without a facial cleanser.

If your base is too thick, you can adjust it by adding some of your favorite moisturizers. You can also intensify its very light base by mixing it with a liquid tan.

If you want fresh and moist skin, apply a little cream on the most prominent parts of your face (nasal bridge, cheekbones, chin, the center of the forehead). To visually raise the eyebrows and eyelids, apply a highlighter over the eyebrows and mix it on the forehead.

When it is radiant and shiny skin, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with the facial cleanser or the milk cleanser. Apply this mixture on your face, massage gently for a few seconds and then wash it with warm water. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a week.

When your favorite mascara begins to dry, you can relive it by adding a few drops of saline to the tube or placing it in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes.

You do not have to throw the broken powder makeup (talcum powder, eye shadow or blush). In fact, you can easily fix it. Simply add a few drops of alcohol to the compact, smooth the powder and alcohol with a knife and let it dry overnight. The next day, all the alcohol will have evaporated and you won’t need to buy new makeup.

If any of your favorite enamels becomes difficult to open, thick or difficult to apply, try to fix it with hot water. Put the bottle in very hot water for a few minutes, remove it, shake it and apply it on the nails while it is still hot.

Twist the hair and cut the loose hair that comes out. This is a great way to get rid of split ends at home without going to a hairdresser.

The lacquer works very well to tame the eyebrows and keep them in place. Apply some lacquer on an old mascara wand and clean it over the eyebrows.

Baby powder or cornstarch is perfect to use as a dry shampoo. Use this trick when you need to cool your hair quickly.

To create vertical curls, twist hair sections and iron from the roots to the ends with the iron. Then spray the hair with hairspray.

A classic skin cream applied to the ends of the hair before bed will make your hair shiny and soft.

To avoid blisters when wearing new shoes, apply a light deodorant on your feet or use a brittle powder.

Warm your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer for a few seconds before using them. This trick will help you keep your eyelashes curly for longer.

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When making nails, use Vaseline or a common nail glue. Excessive polishing comes off easily when it is dry.

Paint your nails with your base color. Then secure the tape with holes firmly and apply a different colored enamel. Let the enamel dry and remove the tape. Your nail design is ready! To enjoy!

Gently rub the Vaseline oil on all your perfume points before applying the fragrance and your perfume will last longer.

Take two elastic bands and separate your hair into two pigtails, one on top of the other. This simple trick can add thickness and texture visually to your hair, making it look longer.

Pimples always seem to appear the moment you need them most. Don’t panic! Dip the cotton pads in eye drops, place them in the freezer for a few minutes and gently press the cotton pad over the spine. In 20 minutes, your blood vessels contract, eliminating redness and decreasing inflammation.

Dissolve 2 tablets of aspirin, one capsule of vitamin A, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, and some vegetable oil in 200 ml of water. Place your hands on the plate for 10 minutes and then clean them with a paper towel.

If your deodorant suddenly runs out, you can use mouthwash. Apply a mouthwash on a cotton swab and use it as a deodorant. The mouthwash kills all bacteria and keeps the armpits fresh during the day.

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, you should exfoliate your skin well. Melt a bar of common soap and add a tablespoon of chickpea flour, a tablespoon of lentil flour and a tablespoon of turmeric. You will receive a completely natural soap bar that will help exfoliate dead skin cells and, over time, will cause unwanted hair loss.

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